Looking for some C64 game titles

I was talking with a couple of folk recently about old games. Two games came up in particularthat wl remembered from the in box extras. Both were C64 RPG’s

First had a space setting. Most of the screenshots showed a top down view of a stick man for planetside stuff, but a 3D view for space combat.

The one thing we all remembered was that the box came with a some card cut outs to make your own models of some in game ships. This was a game that, at the time, I wanted but could not find.

The second one (which I did own at the time) was a more traditional rpg. The game showed your character as a stick figure while overland, but the view switched to 1st person in the dungeons.
The main points for this second game were a paper map, that came with stick-on labels for the in game towns and dungeons. So as you found them, you had to put the stickers on the map to remind yourself where they are.

Other things I remember:

  1. You could rob the towns store-keepers, as long as you could fight your way out after.

  2. If you killed a monster you could cut it into food (but sometimes it would make you sick),

  3. there were a bunch of casinos that had mini games to boost your cash.

Do these sound familiar to anyone?

That could be the first Ultima.

Sounds like Questron.

2nd one could be Questron or Legacy of the Ancients.

Second one sounds like Legacy of the Ancients. Was the premise that you had entered a museum of some sort and were accessing past times through the exhibits?

I followed one of the links you guys gave and found Legend of Blacksilver. I’m sure this was #2.

Sorry Luke but the other one was definately pure sci-fi. I guesss it’s back to scouring the screenshots on the abandonware sites to find it.

In that case, do you recall a top-down navigation screen?

This screen seems very familiar. I think this may well be it.

Cheers Lute Skywatcher

That was actually the first thing I thought of but decided against it until Legend of Blacksilver give me a year to work from.