Looking for specific GW Bush transition team video clip re bin Laden

I clearly recall watching a TV documentary about 9/11 in which a member of the G. W. Bush transition team recounts how annoyed he was by a member of the Clinton Administration repeatedly warning him of the great danger posed by Osama bin Laden and al Queda.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find it again. This segment was short: It was around 1 minute or so in duration. I think it was a Frontline or other PBS 9/11 documentary (perhaps “Bush’ War”?), but it could have been some other reputable source, such as National Geographic’s “Inside 9/11”. I’ve skimmed through those and I couldn’t find it, but perhaps I missed it.

I vaguely recall that the Clinton Admin official warning the Bush team member was a Cabinet member, but he may have been a member of a Cabinet official’s staff. He was reasonably highly placed in that Admin. I don’t think he worked for the State Department, but I may be wrong about that, too.

I’ve Googled this question extensively – mostly without reference to any documentary and instead just searching for the names of the individuals involved, but I’ve been unable to learn who they were, let alone where I might find the clip I’m looking for. There’s a lot of entries about Richard Clarke warning the Bush Admin as well as some unnamed people in the Clinton State Department, but that just isn’t panning out.

If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. If you’re guessing, please indicate how confident you are.