Looking for the name of a '60s song

…or, it could be early '70s, I suppose. I think it’s by The Mamas and the Papas, and it’s about how, now that we’re all living in peace and togetherness, we can move on to the next stage of the hippie movement. Or something to that effect. The main section is fairly quick, and then the song slows down a lot for the chorus.

For what it’s worth, I really loathe the song, but I’d like to track it down. Sorry this is so vague…

You don’t mean Get Together, do you?

Is that the one where they sing “C’mon people, now, smile on your brother…”? Not that song, no.

And you don’t mean Aquarius, right?

The Age of Aquarius? No, not that one. FWIW, I can’t watch youtube where I am, so those cool links aren’t working. Lyrics would help, though.

“Reach Out of the Darkness?”

I think it’s so groovy now,
That people are finally getting together.
I think it’s wonderful, and how,
That people are finally getting together.

Reach out in the darkness.
Reach out in the darkness.
Reach out in the darkness,
And you may find a friend.

That’s it!!! By Friend and Lover. Thanks! I totally hate that song.

Monday Monday?

Oops, too late.

Oh, and nicely done, given my especially vague OP. This board is awesome.

I love you guys! sniff

If you think that’s bad, you should hear “Ode to a Dandelion”, from the LP. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it doesn’t appear to be available on teh intrawebz.

I know I’ve posted about this song before… probably in a “worst lyrics you’ve ever heard” thread.

You should celebrate by listening to that song over and over for a few hours.

I listened to it once just now, almost all the way through. Ugh.

*there was a song
that I did not care for
and then one day
I posted on my board
I asked the Dope if they would help me find
the song that now is stuck inside my mind

reach out in the darkness…*

I believe that should be retch out in the dorkness