Looking for this Scottish science-fiction novel...

In the late 1990s-early 2000s, I read a then-recently-published novel by [I think] a Scottish author, set in Scotland, about aliens kidnapping humans and keeping them like cows, to be shipped to the aliens’ homeland for food.

I forget both the title and author–does anyone know? My web searching is giving me nothing…thx!

That sounds like Under the Skin by Michel Faber. Coincidentally, it’s recently been made into a movie of the same name, starring Scarlett Johannson. Faber is Dutch though.

Lord Greenback, that’s it–a thousand thanks. Hadn’t heard about the movie.

Though I referred to Under the Skin as science-fiction, it could be considered horror.

Interesting info about the Holland-born Mr. Faber’s nationality, from

In Scotland, Faber is considered a Scottish author, or at least “Scottish by formation” (the term defining eligibility to enter the Macallan Short Story Competition, which Faber won in 1996).
In Australia, Faber is considered an Australian, because of his long residence there, because almost all of his schooling was completed there, and because some of his short stories are set in Australia.
In the Netherlands, he is considered Dutch, except by those who are unaware of his origins. (Faber’s works are translated into Dutch by professional translators, not by Faber himself.)