Looking for tickets in NY - does anyone have contacts there?

A friend of mine is taking his family to New York next week and is trying to track down some tickets. My usual contact is busy with the Oscars, so i come to you, Dopers…

Anyone have any contacts or pull, specifically for tickets for the NHL game next week and possibly the Lion King…?

Do you have any particular requirements that need ‘pull’? You can buy tickets to the Rangers game next Thursday at their online ticket exchange here. There’s no Devil’s home game next week, but you can pay less for better seats to the Islander’s games on Tuesday or Saturday if your guests aren’t particularly picky. Ticketmaster shows tickets available for that Tuesday evening (the first show I tried) to see the Lion King, which isn’t the impossible-to-get ticket that it was when it opened over a decade ago.

Lion King tickets are simple enough to get but they won’t come cheap. If you need a family friendly show you might have better prices for Mary Poppins or one of the other child friendly shows on Broadway. You can get cheap tickets to Mary Poppins or Shrek or whatever on the TKTS line or through www.broadwaybox.com or other various places but Lion King tickets would be best purchased online as far ahead of time as possible.

I know a ticket guy from when I lived there (my husband used him for Rangers tickets about two weeks ago so he’s still in business) but he’s a broker. So he can get you tickets to anything but your friend will pay accordingly (and sometimes exorbitantly).

He’s very good at what he does though, he got Hubby second row, center ice with only two days notice. And when we lived there we’d always go through him for show tickets because he could get exactly what we wanted (aisle seats, anywhere in rows 4-12). If your friend is happy with the middle of a row in the balcony, this ticket guy is not for you.

If you want his number, I’ll PM it to you.

The public library in King’s Point, NY (which is on Long Island, btw) had these cute little brightly colored discount coupons for Broadway show tickets. I used one to get nosebleed seats for *Phantom of the Opera *for about $30. The discount coupons were for a lot of shows, including IIRC The Lion King. Your friends might try swinging by a library and seeing if they can grab a handful.