Looking for very simple version of Music Box Dancer for piano.

I started taking piano lessons a couple of months ago and I would love to start learning how to play Music Box Dancer which is one of my favourite piano songs. I found this:


But it’s just way to hard yet. Does anyone know of a very simplified version?

On another note, I’m having my first recital at the end of the month and I’m terrified! :eek:

That was a favorite of mine to play on piano as well, but your link has music that doesn’t look like the same song at all.

Even if someone could find simplified sheet music for you, it would likely be illegal to even copy it.

Try consulting a piano teacher that might be able to give you the basic melody on paper by ear.

Here’s a link where you can preview, and download for a few bucks, the “easy piano” arrangement of Music Box Dancer.

Good luck with your recital!

I might have sheet music for an easy version of Music Box Dancer, but it’s at my mom’s house in a different state. I’ll see if I can get someone to look for it. I think I had an easy version and a more difficult version, so if I can find them, I’ll send you both so you can work your way up to the harder one.

Have fun with the piano lessons, and good luck with the recital!

It’s definitely the same song. My piano teacher printed it out and played it for me.

Thanks! I’m a bit freaked out by it. And I’ll be the only adult which is a bit embarassing.

That would be so totally awesome! Thanks so much.

I should also have an easy piano version as well. I’m going over to where the music is stored tonight, so I’ll take a look while I’m there and PM you if I find it.

Got it! Thanks a lot, cwthree, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I have an “easy” version of Music Box Dancer, but unfortunately it’s pretty much the same as what you posted. I’m not sure it can be simplified much further. :frowning:

The one cwthree sent me is way simpler! I may even try to play it at the recital but I have to learn it by the end of the month. I haven’t decided yet.

I have my first recital today. Gah!! My hands are starting to get all sweaty and I’m getting all jittery and a bit freaked out!

Thanks to cwthree, I can now play a simple version of Music Box Dancer which has been a life-long goal! I am not playing it today though.

I have butterflies.

Let us know how it went!

I did it and I didn’t die. It was terrifying though. :eek: