Looking into your past on the SDMB

Here I am, bored, and trying not to do school work, and I decided, “Hey, lets do a search of all the threads I’ve started!”. I’ve been a member here since June of 2001, almost nine years. I’m only 28, so that is about a third of my life! As I looked over my threads it was like looking into a time machine. A lot of the major events in my life have a thread attached to it, even if it isn’t obvious (I hang out mostly in GQ, so mostly questions are inspired by something).

What really made me post this thread was realizing that about six years ago I posted a thread asking a question, not knowing the answer, while only earlier today I answered a very similar question without having to look anything up. I also noticed I’ve become way more active posting on the SDMB over the past few years, in August of 2005 I had 176 posts, or 0.12 a day. Come May 2008, I’m up to 417 posts, or 0.17 a day. And here it is, February of 2010, and I’m up to 758 posts, or 0.24 a day…

I don’t know where I was going with this, guess it’s a good thing I’m posting this in MPSIMS. It’s just interesting looking into my past here on the SDMB, and seeing how this place has been a part of my life for almost as long as my wife has. I’ve enjoyed my time here, and here is to hoping the SDMB lasts for another nine years!

Oh, and my 10 year anniversary is coming up… Where do I send the diamond jewelry? :smiley:

I haven’t been with SDMB as long as you (though I aspire to be), but sometimes it’s cool to look back at the posts I’ve started. I’m sure that 8 years from now, when I’m in your boots, I’ll be thinking the same thing!

To me! :slight_smile:
SDMB is a part of my life, without it I would be a knuckle dragging drooling slackjawed zombie.

There have been several (if not many) times where I have done essentially the same thing your title suggests and here are four threads to demonstrate that:

The BIG Threads at SDMB

Your most successful threads

Fun Threads from your first month at SDMB

Threads you were going to start but decided not to

And although it’s probably mentioned in every one of those four threads (I haven’t actually checked for that), my first thread to get over 100 replies was

Favorite “Far Side” Memories (MAD, too)

Looking back can be a lot of fun, as long as your focus is on the good times. I have at least as meny failures I could report. More than I’m happy with.

Good luck on this thread producing some great trips into the past from other Dopers.

And happy soon-to-be 10th!

I just did a search of my oldest posts for the first time. I had my first two posts in a thread during the February 2003 snow storm. This was followed by a 5.5 year gap. My third post wouldn’t come until the 2008 Summer Olympics. I think I’d been lurking since 2000 or 2001, and I’m currently 25 years old, so that’s 35 to 40 percent of my life.

I put up a posting history retrospective for my 10,000th post. I like peeking back through the archive now and then – neat seeing old names and such.

I don’t remember how I even found The Straight Dope.

I remember being impressed by Diogenes’ knowledge of Biblical history and translations. (But hey, I was also impressed by December’s politeness too!)

Oh surely there would be some changes if you left us!

I don’t like looking too far back. I was a an annoying brat. Possibly still am, but I post less to make it smooth over nicely.

Also looking back reminds me of a bunch of people I miss seeing here. :frowning:

I lurked here for years and years before I finally decided to sign up. Now you can’t even begin to shut me up!


My first post will be 10 years old in April. I was on the Dope on AOL, though I believe that is all lost.

Happy Birthday, first post from Mahaloth!
I suppose if I started anything significant, it was the weekly “24” posts about the TV show 24.

Here is the first one fro 2001.

24 Analysis and Predictions

You can track my loss of virginity*, breakup, engagement to someone new, cohabitation, and divorce with threads that I started. Note–everyone who said that things wouldn’t work out with his aversion towards cleaning? Totally, completely right. I should have listened.

*This was lost in the Winter of our Missed Content. But still.

You were an AOLer? Did you go by a different name, or do I totally not remember you?

How do you get further back than 750 threads? A search under Tamex for all posts only gets me back to 2003.

Ten years in July. Time flies.

I do know I bought my house during the Winter of Our Missed Content. Good times…

You can change your search parameters to get the oldest first – select “in ascending order.”

I’ve always thought that my first post was about Chevy Chase, Maryland. But looking back I see that that was actually my 14th post. I’ve completely forgotten most of the others, except for the first thread I started, a question about potato alcohol that was never satisfactorily answered.

I am amused to see that one of those early posts was about Tiger Woods. Some things never change.

This thread, from the 21st of September 1999, appears to be my first thread. I’m not sure how true that was though. I may have been lurking, or I may have just found the SDMB. I know I never saw it in the AOL days, having never subscribed to AOL.

Past, smasht - I just got my first thread - it’s active in GQ - with >150 responses! I’m totally pysched, especially because I didn’t really expect more than four or five.

This is not my first post. IIRC, that was about bras. Maybe it was my second, though.

** Invisible to automatic toilet flushers**That little girl is now 13 and almost as tall as I am and no longer has problems with the big scary toilet.