Looking to find an RPG group

Uhm…title says it all, really. How do I go about finding one? I’ve tried searching via Google for groups in my area, but this seems to be the one case where geeks aren’t on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Check with your local gaming stores & university student unions. Most will have a gaming registry or gaming night; also, depending on what kind of games you want to play, you can check the websites of the game publishers to see if they have a forum, or links to one, where you can hook up.

Where are you located, and what are you looking to play?

Coventry, UK. And preferably something i’d have a clue as to what’s going on to start with, so something Forgotten Realms based or the Star Wars RPG.

Back when I had enough friends to regularly game, I’d just shanghai them into it. That way, at least, you have quality control. Just randomly dropping into a game is a good way to run across stuff like this, if you’re not careful.*

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I suggest that you find your Friendly Local Gaming Store[sup]TM[/sup]. Our FLGS is run by an absolutely fantastic guy, who is very knowledgable about games and totally plugged in to the local gaming community, and an all-around genius[sup]*[/sup]. He can tell you who’s running what, what e-mail mailing lists you want to be on, and where to go for whatever you want to play.

[sup]*[/sup]Okay, okay, I admit it’s my husband. :slight_smile:

I’ve had luck with the forums on rpg.net.