Lord Ashtar's Conspiracy Laden Superbowl Prediction

Let’s go back two years, to Superbowl XXXVI. Patriots vs Rams. The Patriots had no business winning that game. Their offense and defense were both rated in the bottom half of the league for most of the season. They only got there because in a snowy game against the Raiders the refs used an obscure rule that nodoby had ever heard of before to make sure that Oakland wasn’t going. Still, it was a fantastic story. Only a few months after 9/11, the red, white & blue New England Patriots somehow beat the unbeatable Rams and claimed victory. The whole country could rally behind this team.

Fast forward a year to Superbowl XXXVII. Raiders vs Bucs. Obviously, both teams deserved to be there this time. The Raiders had the highest rated offense in the league, while the Bucs defense was drawing comparisons to the 2000 Ravens and the '85 Bears. They really were that damn good. But who would’ve imagined these two teams would meet in the Superbowl only one year after the monumental trade between them which sent Jon Gruden to the Bucs for a pair of 1st round picks, a pair of 2nd round picks, and $8 million? Makes for a fantastic story, doesn’t it?

Based on my conspiracy theory that the NFL is now fixing the Superbowl for the story element has me making this not-too-bold pick:

Chiefs vs Rams, with the Chiefs picking up the win.

Think of the storylines coming out of this. Vermeil vs Martz. Trent Green vs Kurt Warner. The score will be huge, with probably 70 points between the two teams. It’ll be one for the ages.

And it’s all fixed.

I think the Titans will get knocked out this Sat.

Night game and it’s supposed to be windy and 3 degress at the fox.

LoL- my friends and I often debate this topic. Most of them think its crazy to even BEGIN to think its fixed, but I have to agree with you. Too many oddities for me to not be skeptical. (and I don’t even watch football)

My impression is that you don’t follow the NFL closely. Kurt Warner only started the first game of the season for the Rams. Marc Bulger has been entrenched as the starter ever since, even after Warner regained his health. It’s unlikely Warner will even participate in the playoffs.

Also, I’m unaware of any bad feelings between Vermeil and Martz. The storylines you propose are decidely ho-hum, IMHO.

I actually follow it quite closely. I said Green vs Warner because I was under the impression that Bulger had gotten hurt in their last regular season game against the Lions.

Besides, can’t you see how ESPN, Fox, and CBS could play these sort of things out?

“Trent Green lost his job to Kurt Warner in a preseason game several years ago. Now’s his chance to go toe-to-toe with his replacement to prove once and for all that it should have been his season in 1999.”

Bulger could have finished the Lions game, but Mike Martz pulled Bulger out as a precaution:

Accordingly, Bulger will start Saturday against the Panthers.