Superbowl XXXV

OK, it’s time to make the early predictions, before the season is underway and people try to base their guessing abilities on actual team scores!

Put in here your prediction for Superbowl XXXV. I’m slapping down a new Sacajawea dollar that will be sent to the winner (which will, of course, be me, so I’m not really risking anything.)

Superbowl XXXV final score:

New Orleans Saints vs. Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans - 36
Baltimore - 22

Oh, well. At least he’s a good moderator.

I’m usually waaaay off the mark in preseason predictions, and I HOPE I’m wrong again, because I don’t much like the teams I’m picking!

Tampa Bay Bucs 9, Tennessee Titans 6, in the most boring, conservative, ball control, defensive, grind-it-out, smashmouth Super Bowl of all time.

Titans 33, Redskins 30.

And I win both of my fantasy leagues. :slight_smile:

Nice to know that the moderaters are drinking on the job :smiley:

Redskins: 24
Colts: 21

Oh how the partying would happen in Baltimore (nobody really likes the Ravens anyway)

Myrr, you’re a freaking lunatic that sees his own delusions in everyone else. I GUARAN-FUCKING-TEE you that 8 out of 10 people you interviewed on the streets of B-more would tell you the Foreskins are the most despised team around.
Ravens 35
'Skins 14

And I’ll be dancing outside Myrr’s house all night long.

That being said 'Skins vs Irsays IS a tough call. Somehow they’d both need to lose.

But if I’m wrong and the Green Bay Packers win the SB I’ll be one happy Chesse Head!:smiley:

As long as Dallas loses a lot, I don’t care. :smiley:

::ducks boulders chucked by rabid Cowboys fans::

Okay, okay. Jacksonville.

The Broncos are taking it this year. Hmmmm, I guess it really doesn’t matter against who, because they are going to womp the other team, run them into the ground, and spit on their corpses.
I love football.

Rams 47 Titans 13

A rematch of last year, only the blowout will happen this time. I also predicted a Ram superbowl victory last year. Of course I have predicted that every year.I am 1-33 in my picks although I was almost right in 1979.
I am not ready for the new season to start, still reliving last year, I think I am going to watch the Superbowl again now.
HOW BOUT THOSE RAMS!:slight_smile:

Jacksonville 2
Tampa Bay 0
3rd OT


I hope your marriage vows made more sense than you Superbowl prediction! :slight_smile:

Hmm. I see six teams with a good shot: Rams, Redskins, Bucs in the NFC, Jaguars, Titans, Colts in the AFC.

J’ville and the Rams have both taken hits to their O-lines. Bucs have added Keyshawn, but I still don’t trust their offense. Redskins have added a lot of players, let’s see how they jell. Titans were good but may have played a bit over their heads last year.

I’d say the Rams are the favorite, but it’s boring to predict a superbowl repeat.

Colts 24
Rams 17

As long as we’re living in fantasy land . . .

There will be an emergency re-alignment committee meeting held. Buffalo will be moved to the NFC, where they will dominate, going undefeated.
Similarly, New England will go undefeated in the AFC.

The SuperBowl will end up in a tie

Buffalo - 72
New England - 72

After 10 overtimes, they will call it off and agree to share the Lombardi Trophy.

Pop Quiz: See if you can guess what my two favorite teams are.

Jack, kindly explain how come you picked two favorite teams (NE & Buff) that play in the same division. Who do you root for when they play each other twice a year? Its like rooting for both the Hatfields and the McCoys, isn’t it?

Ahh yes, that elusive 14 point play in OT! You just don’t see that anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess:

Tennessee 27
Washington 20

IF? IF? And you call yourself a Cheese Head? Favre has tendonitis in his throwing arm, but it won’t matter. Matt Hasselbeck will rise from his shadow and lead the team to dominance. Dorsey Levens has patellar tendonitis, but it won’t matter. William Henderson will rise as well, becoming the premier fullback in all of football. Where is your faith? I’m ashamed!

Green Bay Packers 35
Cleveland Browns 34

Oh, look. The nice men from the clinic are here to take me back home…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16
Tennessee Titans 14

The unfortunate circumstances of geography.
I was born in Buffalo, so by law I have to root for them.
I lived most of my childhood, and young adulthood in New England, so it only seems logical to root for them.

When they play each other I root for whoever’s doing better that season, or whoever’s the home team, or whoever’s wearing cooler uniforms, or whoever’s cheerleaders offer better panty shots . . . in short, it’s a very confusing day around the ol’ Batty household.

My WAG would be
Bucs 32
Titans 17