9th Annual SDMB Early Super Bowl Pick Contest

The playoff teams are set, so it’s time for our annual contest – can you predict the Super Bowl a month before the game and join our list of champions?:

Year 1: Trillionaire
Year 2: Uncommon Sense
Year 3: Airman Doors, USAF
Year 4: Grits and Hard Toast
Year 5: Hal Briston (woohoo!)
Year 6: dalej42
Year 7: Justin_Bailey
Year 8: Hamlet

It’s simple to play – just post your pick for the two Super Bowl teams, and the final score. Deadline for submissions will be 4:00pm Eastern on Saturday, January 7th (just before kickoff of the first playoff game).

For this year, I’m going with a repeat of my year-five winning pick: Giants over the Patriots, 38-35.

As always, just in case you don’t follow football but still wanna play along, just pick an AFC team, an NFC team, and a couple of numbers that sound vaguely football-scorish.

AFC Teams:
New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals

NFC Teams:
Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons

Steelers 24, Saints 21

Packers 48, Patriots 45

Green Bay 34; Pittsburg 23

Giants 28, Broncos 23

Ravens 24 - Packers 17

Saints 31 - Ravens 13

Since there’s no money involved, I’ll go with my heart: 49ers 24, Ravens 17.

Giants 24 - Steelers 17

Packers 31, Ravens 14.


Packers 54 - Broncos 6

Packers 42, Patriots 28

Patriots 31 Packers 28

Tebow 22 Packers 21

Saints 31, Patriots 38

Packers 3
Patriots 2


Ravens 28, Packers 21.

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Who had that happening before the 20th post?

New Orleans 27, Baltimore 24

Packers 35 - Ravens 24