Los Angeles Dopers -- Dinner and a Play?

Seems we have a Director in the house, who’s putting on a production of King Lear this month. Spiny Norman and I are planning on going to see it either Saturday the 8th or Sunday the 9th, and since we can’t decide which, we thought we’d invite the L.A. Dopers help us pick by signing on to join us for one of those nights.

So how about it – a Dinner & a Play Dopefest either the 8th or 9th? Who’s up for it? (See the linked thread for time and location of the play – we can pick a restaurant nearby. All suggestions welcomed.)

I don’t know what’s going on next weekend. Been a little busy, as you know. :wink:

But it sounds like fun. I’m surprised that there haven’t been any responses to this thread. Maybe people are away for the holiday? (Or maybe there should be a big ol’ DOPEFEST in the title. :smiley: )

I wish we could make it. We sure do miss you!!!