Loser wannabe celebrity of the year- Vote for yours here

These would be people desperate for the spotlight, have gotten way more coverage than they deserve, just need to go away as fast as possible, and most importantly elicit a “What a loser!” response from you.

Examples would be-
Jon and/or Kate Gosslin
Ballon boy’s dad
The Salahis (Whitehouse party crashers)

I’m going to go with Jon ‘n’ Kate by a nose.

But I can’t help but notice that all of the candidates have either been on or were angling for a reality TV show this year. Can we please take reality TV out behind the shed and shoot it?

Here’s how I rank 'em:

**1. Ballon boy’s dad. **This guy is a true loser. He’s already had his five minutes in the sun, came up with what in hindsight was a really dumb headline grabber, and offers nothing to humanity except the concept of naming a child “Falcon”.
**2. Jon and/or Kate Gosslin. ** Holy crap I cannot stand these people. I never understood the attraction to watching them, and I absolutely cannot support the idea of having a litter of children. I feel bad for the kids, but these people have earned every bit of criticism.
3. Octomom. I feel more sorry for this woman than anything else - I think there might be some mental/personality disorder issues here.
**4. The Salahis (Whitehouse party crashers). ** I don’t think they qualify - they were looking to fly under the radar and attend sweet functions and meet powerful people, not gain any sort of celebrity status that would make them recognizeable.

… well, until their reality show deal kicked in.

Let’s not forget Levi Johnson, father of Sarah Palin’s grandson, to whose wonky star Playgirl has hitched its hopes for a revival.

(I assume this is just a nomination thread for an actual poll, to happen later?)

It’s always going to be Spencer Pratt.

You mean Speidi- we gotta include 'em both.

I’d say balloon boy’s dad. The way that the kid exposed the hoax on live tv and then watching the family squirm and then the next day they go on tv again and then the kid pukes while the dad completely ignores it was just delicious in its loser wannabeness. That was instant karma.

Spencer and Heidi. They are nothing less than famewhores. They have no talent, no litters of children to support and have been in the public spotlight a lot longer and for less reason than any of the others mentioned. If they see the focus on them start to diminish they try to do whatever they can to get more attention, which is in Spencer’s case, equivalent to being a huge ass in front of any camera he can get aimed his way.

The last entertainment news show that I saw feature them even had a roundtable discussion about Spencer’s behavior and how they thought he was just attention seeking and should they even give him that attention anymore but the annoying thing about this is they were still discussing him and giving him the attention he was seeking. Just stop talking about him and no one but Spencer will care.

I’d say the balloon boy dad, if for another reason than because his little scheme cost taxpayers a shitload of money.
As douchey as Jon and Kate may have been, they’ve at least had private entities pay for their celebrity-whoring (unless you count the costs incurred by the divorce court, but that’s money that would have been spent regardless of their celebrity status).

No we don’t. And I believe his official name is Creepy Flesh-Colored Beard Guy.

I would hope against hope the Salahis fade away, and would be infuriated if they actually got a TV deal out of their douchbag social climbing. Besides, something about their smug aren’t-we-the-greatest looks just enrages me.

Same for Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods’ alleged bimbo. Please, don’t go blabbing to the tabloids! You aren’t that special or interesting.

Has anyone noticed this Rachel Uchitel, Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman, and a younger Heidi Fleiss (Hollywood madam and screwup) all look alike?