Jon Gosselin is the worst person ever.

I don’t know what else to say. What a douchebag.

You can’t think of anyone worse? Not a single committed terrorist, serial murderer, or bad game show host?

Come on just a hint. Who?

Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8.

I googled him and the first thing I saw was:

Hailey Glassman is ‘very scared’ of Jon Gosselin; he is 'trying to …

I also don’t know who Hailey Glassman is.

I’ll read on.

Oh dear I’ve never heard of Jon and Kate plus 8. but now I spot the phrase reality TV and it all makes sense. Or no sense as the case may be.

A douchebag married to a cunt . . . at least the kids will turn out alright.

Meh. Back when [del]I[/del]my mom still watched the show, I always thought Kate was the one with problems. But I assumed there had to be something wrong with Jon for him to put up with her.

I have no idea who he is, but at seeing a mention of reality TV, this right here is why that garbage is so successful.

I don’t know about the last bit.

I’ll second that. It’s disgusting the amount of press these people get. It’s disgusting the amount of interest people show. It’s pathetic that someone might think he’s the worst person ever – even if it just hyperbole.

“Reality TV” makes me worry about the future of mankind.

I have no idea who half these people are, and to the extent that I’ve heard about the other half, it’s all been from reading the covers of magazines while I wait to pay for my stuff.

“Reality TV stars” have no talent, they do nothing, and they make nothing, yet they’re so desperate for fame that they’ll risk their dignity and their freedom (in the case of the Heenes and maybe the Salahis) to get it.

I just console myself with the knowledge that, in another 10 years or so, Jon Gosselin will be an obscure trivia question.


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Really? Worst person ever? You must not get out much.

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Oh come on. This is the same board where someone stated that they thought Faramir was every bit as bad as Sauron because of how he treated Gollum in the movie.

The hyperbole, it burns!

I didn’t know who Jon was at the beginning of 2009. I vaguely knew about Jon (hell, I spelled it John here before correcting myself) and Kate Plus Eight but I never watched it and didn’t always know that this was the John people were referring to. I knew exactly who he was by the end of 2009 though. I suppose there’s some pride to not knowing about a stupid reality show but if you’ve never heard of it or Jon by now you’ve been living in a cave or something. Also, the Beatles are no longer a group.

Jon and Kate were both horrible people who just happened to have eight kids. Sure, Jon’s douchiness really showed post-split, but if you had ever seen clips of Jon & Kate Plus Eight show, you’d know Kate was a massive, massive bitch, and I don’t know of anyone who could keep a marriage with her alive.

Can someone do a YouTube Hitler Downfall denouncing of Gosselin just to make it sound more stupid?

It’s probably in the making.

And yes, I agree. He’s quite awful.

I thought JohnEdwardwas the biggest douche bag in the universe.

Actually, hyperbole is *** the worst thing ever.***