Jon and Kate, ending: how soon till Jon is out on the street?

Something tells me that Jon is going to be doing dishes at IHOP pretty quickly, now that his series is over. If they’ll have him. What did he do before the series?

At any rate, he’ll be going bankrupt by Feb is my prediction. Yours?


Who are Jon and Kate?

I envy you.

He always seemed vague about his occupation other than as some sort of IT consultant. I expect him to be a “celebrity” guest host of Girls Gone Wild.

I swear, he’s the only person on the planet that could make Kate look like a sympathetic creature.

Kate worked the exploitation of her children into individual celebrity status for herself. Jon is just the husband who treated her wrong. He will fade into obscurity. Unfortunately, Kate will go on. I envision a talk show in her future. Eventually, the children will all be in therapy and some will write tell all books.

Sooner or later, Jon will be accused of sexually abusing the children.

I have only seen this show twice (and not willingly), but that Kate is something else again. In a phrase: what a bitch! John’s no prize, either.
Those poor kids. :frowning:
ETA: I think it will go pretty much the way Longhair75 says. Kate will cry on Oprah (if she already hasn’t) about how HARD she worked to be a Good Mother etc, even though the 2 shows I saw depicted John as doing everything and getting yelled at because one of the girls was wearing too nice a shirt for the activity planned. I also saw the one where he, HE ALONE, puts all of them into snowsuits to go to ski school. She’s off to the spa with a GF.

Last night, The Insider (Entertainment Tonight’s more tabloidy baby bro) had a segment with him in Hawaii – where he vacationed alone, having been dumped by his young girlfriend, the daughter of his wife’s plastic surgeon (and I’m not making any of this crap up) – in which he was walking around asking random people what they knew about him.

It was one of the saddest damn things I’ve ever seen.

He’ll be joining Levi Johnston as part of the Professional Douchebag Posse.

If there ever was a ripe candidate for Celebrity Boxing…

Photo here.

Nah, he’ll end up doing gay porn before he hits rock bottom.

I think the only thing regrettable about Jon and Kate (aside from how messed up their kids will grow up) is that the two are no longer containing their doucheyness with each other, and are now free to go off and douche up further relationships.

I think this belongs in the thread from a couple of weeks ago about unlikely meetings between figures you normally wouldn’t associate with each other.

So do I and I’ve never even watched the show. Damn you cultural osmosis!

Anyway, as a long-term bet, how long do you think it will be before one of the kids ends up in rehab or gets caught holding up a convenience store?

(I’m sorry if that sounds callous but with those parents, those kids are so doomed.)

Its sad how the one who should have been the sympathetic party in this whole mess (from watching a few episodes Kate seemed like a horrid bitch and he like a bit clueless but well meaning husband and father) managed to completely turn public opinion against himself in what, a couple weeks?

Kate had Jon by the short hairs ever since those sextuplets popped out. In Vitro fertilization was Kate’s bright idea too. I felt bad for Jon. Where was he going to go? Child support for 8 kids would destroy him and still not provide for those kids. The tv show was the best way to get enough cash to support those kids. Now they’ve screwed that up. Jon will be shoveling horse crap a long, long time paying every cent to child support.

Nah, if he’s smart ( I know, a long shot) he’d just give her the rights to everything in the divorce in lieu of child support. Let her have all the money from the show, her book and whatever else she can milk from that 10 minutes of fame, and he walks free and clear. She’d probably take that deal pretty quick. The hard part for him (or any father) is what do you do when that money dries up and she and the kids really start to struggle? I’m glad I’m not in that situation trying to figure out what to do.

I have only seen a few episodes but I felt bad for Jon because of Kate’s Bitchiness.I plan on watching more tho.

Aren’t they the same thing?
I wonder about them buying a $1.1 million house. Yes, you need a place with land for privacy, but really. You should never count on your current income lasting long enough to afford that.

Hope this isn’t too much of a hijack, but how did jon end up the bad guy in all of this? He seemed like the only one who actually cared about the kids - what did I miss?