Lost 2.12: "Fire + Water"

You All Every Buddies, the diaper commercial… Ack!!!

Eko, marking trees, “because these are the ones I like.” HAhahahah!

or, you know, angels

So now Charlie’s hooked on the idea that “save the baby” = “baptize the baby”.

And why am I feeling once again that Locke is a force of evil?

Interesting camera swoop around Locke – looked like the one they ended episode 1x03 with, before doing Locke’s first backstory in episode 4.

Made him look kind of sinister.

Hey, they noted taht the Washer/Drier looks newer than everything else!

Sex, religion and babies. This is one weird episode.

That’s a scene I could live a long, happy and complete life without ever seeing.
And they were dancing!

:eek: Charlie’s voice, it burns! covers ears

Ana Lucia: “You hittin’ that?”

HAHAHAHA – straight to the point. :smiley:

If Charlie starts using again now, he’s a total total total dumbass. Just when people are suspecting him… gosh, and now he’s going to go on a prove them right??

If he wants to prove himself, he’d better come up with a better idea.

Unbaptized infants who die end up in purgatory. You know, like this damn island. There’s a deeper meaning here, but i’m too tired to figure it out.

They didn’t have wings, did they? I assumed they were holy figures from the halos, but since they didn’t have wings I never made that connection. Dunno why, but I thought St. Anne was the sister of Mary, and not the mother. Sounds like I got her and St. Elizabeth confused again, dangit.

I don’t remember seeing wings either.
Course, Charlie could be wrong! :slight_smile:

WTF? Everyone leaves the fire to go see Charlie and Aaron?

So does Locke punching Charlie out and dunking him in the water count as Charlie getting baptized?

At least Locke has the good sense to keep the drugs instead of tossing everything into the sand. They could come in handy eventually.

I’m debating if Locke is keeping the drugs for some practical reason or if he’s keeping them so that Charlie can “make his choice” later on. Personally I think Locke is just fucking with everyone and he’s the man behind the curtain.

I hated this episode, except for Eko marking the trees and Hurley referring to the “tailies.” Everyone acted like assholes, and Locke completely overreacted when he punched Charlie. In the face. Three times.

So I missed the entire first half. Nothing actually happened in this episode, right?

Um, does anyone know what was up with Locke doublechecking his bag after nabbing Charlie’s special hoard?

He was talking to Claire, and then looked in his bag like he was confused or something. At first I thought, “Hey, Charlie stole his goodies back!” and then I thought, “He’s debating telling Claire about Charlie!” but neither of those seem to match up, quite.

But yeah, not much happened in this episode, except that Locke seemed scarier. What was he doing in the bunker, with the wee tool thing? Messing around with the lock? With the timer to the countdown thing?