Lost a small but specialized object... Recommendations to replace?

Recently I lost the little brush for my electric razor. It had stiff bristles, and two sides: one circular side for the parts under the blades, and one very flat to brush out the blade teeth.

Now that I can’t find it, it annoys me how useful it was, but for just that one purpose. Any suggestions on how to replace it? A place to find a new one, or suggestions for more common objects that could replace it that I just can’t think of right now in my annoyance, would be fine.


Google razor cleaning brush and pick a retailer.


The canned air you have by your computer.

Old toothbrush. You can cut the bristles shorter.

A toddler toothbrush (short bristles)


An eyebrow brush, available in the drugstore makeup section. They have a small short-bristled brush on one side and a tiny comb on the other.

Contact the manufacturer?

Pipe cleaner.

That seems to be exactly want the OP was looking for. $2 plus shipping.