Lost fawns

Two fawns ran across the parking lot as I arrived at work about 6:45 AM. They ran through a gate and onto the football field. No sign on the doe. They apparently found a stairway that leads to the athletic building. I searched for them about 6:30, worried that they would come running onto the parking lot when cars began arriving. I was relieved to find no fawns with broken legs on the stairway. I do hope Mother found them.

Fawns often bed down separately from their does during the day. I see notices all the time “If you see a fawn that is ‘alone’ it probably isn’t and the mother is somewhere nearby”.

That isn’t to say they can’t get lost, but they are often seen alone.

Thanks, Cheesesteak.
They were somewhat perturbed when they ran along the fence to find another fence. Doe have been taking care of fawns for a long time, so I’m sure she got them sorted out.