Lost In Space TV series question

I seem to recall an episode of Lost In Space where their Robot encountered Robbie the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet.
Did this actually happen in an episode of Lost In Space? Or, as my wife suggests, am I “just enjoying some old drugs that have come home to roost”.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

I think the robot appeared, but it wasn’t as Robbie (read - same prop, different name)

Maybe somebody else answered this while I was searching but I found this:

here: http://members.nbci.com/zappman/lost-in-space-year1.html

I’ll just add some info about LIS, for those who haven’t seen it in a while.

The first two seasons always ended with a cliffhanger that would segue into the next episode.

Something shocking would happen, then a freeze-frame, and some scary music.

I don’t recall what the episode was before “War of the Robots,” but whatever happened in it had been resolved. Later Will and (Dr Smith and/or the Robot) were strolling along (fishing, maybe?), and Will sorta stumbles into something–at which the camera pans back and you see a freeze-frame of Will staring up at Robbie. It was one of those neato things since you didn’t know it was coming up.

(I think I read somewhere that the same man designed both Robbie and The Robot, but I can’t swear to it).