Lost question: why did Jack shave his chest?[spoilers negligible]

He was furry in season one. Now he’s all beardy but shaved chest. What’s up with that?

He had his appendix removed in one episode. Is the change post operation, or did it happen before it? He certainly shaved in that area before the operation.

It wasn’t the operation. He shaved it all off, and has apparently kept it all off. I can’t believe a drunk who can’t be bothered to shave his face would shave his whole torso.

There was a huge cache of Nair found at the first DHARMA Initiative station. After the discovery, Kate has also been completely shaved.

Why can’t Hurley use it on his sideburns?

Its the island…

Yes, all the hair mysteriously fell out when he left the island; that’s why he’s compelled to return.

Matthew Fox had to show off his bare chest during a fight scene in Speed Racer (the reason why he looks particularly pumped in “Something Nice Back Home”); the Wachowskis probably asked him to do it.

Canon-wise? The only time we see him with his shirt off post-Island is when he’s sleeping with Kate; maybe she likes her guys hairless. I dunno. shrug

It’s complicated…

So I guess all the other boys (Jin, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke) just teased him too much.

You know, the way all of the coincidences, retroactive plot developments, narrative inconsistencies, and continuity errors keep popping up, the only plausible explanation at this point is the existence of a large Infinite Improbability Field which surrounds The Island. If the Losters suddenly find a half-buried spacecraft that looks like a sleek white running shoe or are confronted by hideous corpulent aliens reading excruciatingly bad poetry, well, you read it here first.


Every now and then someone will ask a question about this show that makes me think, “Hmmm, maybe I’ll give that a chance.”

Then a question like this comes up, and I’m back to normal. :slight_smile:

What, we can’t obsess?

Actually, I don’t do the Lost threads anymore. Too cliquey. But c’mon, you gotta wonder why furry guy is suddenly smooth-guy.


You don’t actually think a hairy chest is a hygiene issue, do you?