Lost: rehome the cast once they leave the island

So… I don’t watch Lost, but I’ve watched enough TV to see all the “final season” commericals, so I assume that come fall the cast will need new homes off the island.

Which shows would you like to see the cast members move on to?

I’d like to see Josh Holloway on True Blood as

a were-something. There are plenty of werewolves and werepanthers yet to be cast over the next couple of seasons

Matthew Fox might be a nice addition to Desperate Housewives, given the newest additions to the neighborhood are sure to be running towards their expiration date.


So…you all hope they’ll never show their faces on TV again?

Give me a minute! … OK, I can totally see a few of them fitting in Grey’s Anatomy. Matthew Fox can be the new McHunky doctor (since some of the male GA docs are pairing up). Evangeline Lily can be a doctor, too, since so many women doctors come and go on that show - she can be a relative of Meredith, they sort of resemble each other. Jeorge Garcia can be comic relief as a janitor, who also overhears a lot of things that will be important to the plot. The guy who plays Ben? Evil. Evil bean-counter of some kind. … That’s all I got.

I would like to see Sun (even though she’s Korean?) cast in a detective drama based on the books of Leslie Glass and her Chinese-American character, April Woo. Just because Sun is so pretty, and there aren’t enough Asian-American actors on TV. I like Jin, I guess he could play her controlling workaholic fiancee that she is inevitably going to dump for her new partner - Sawyer???

Sorry. I can’t help much, having never seen the show.

Wasn’t there a polar bear on it at one point? I’m sure “The World According to Jim” could be improved by the introduction of a polar bear.

Vincent will improve (and add 2 million viewers) to any show that hires him. He’s that good. :wink:

Juliet will save Earth from a race of lizards wearing human flesh disguises!

WAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTT would be helpful on any crime procedural, but he’d fit in best on Fringe. :slight_smile:

I’d like to see Sawyer as a patient on House . . . especially if he has some really painful and horrendous disease.

I like these, and the one about Sawyer on True Blood (I could see Kate there too).

My picks:

Jack: Something dramatic with maybe a touch of soap but not too humorous. Grey’s.
Kate: I loved her season 1 and don’t like her anymore. Must be the writing. Maybe Burn Notice.
Sawyer: Something sunny or Southern. True Blood.
Hurley: No idea. He’ll probably get a nostalgia role like they give out on Heroes and Sanctuary.
Locke: It will have to be something very unLocke like to erase our associations of him with such a defining role. I’d love to see him with Katey Segal again, on her show Sons of Anarchy. I’d also love to see her back on Lost before it ends.
Sayid: Love the character but not fond of the actor so IDK. Maybe Chuck.
Jin: Prefer him as good Jin over bad Jin or evil Wolfram and Hart lawyer. Grey’s.
Sun: I like the idea from above of her having her own detective agency.
Charlie: He’s on Flash Forward now which I like. Love to see him back on Lost before the end though.
Claire: A drama, but a sweet one. Maybe One Tree Hill.
Ben: Like Locke will have to be very different.
Michael: I liked him on The Unusuals.
Juliet: Doing great on V. Hope she shows up again on Lost too.
Desmond: Probably my favorite character. He wasn’t bad recently in Dead Like Me although he’s much more attractive with facial hair. Should end up in a well acted drama, a sci-fi drama, or something where he can look scruffy.
Walt: IDK
Shannon: Did not really like her character much. But she was like a completely different person in Taken, so I guess she’s a god actress. Something unhappily dramatic.
Boone: Doing good on Vampire Diaries. Hopeful for Lost cameo.
Miles: Maybe with Jin on her detective series. I could see him playing a non flamey gay character.
Ana Lucia: Something wild to go with her reputation. Maybe a team up with Angelina Jolie.
Daniel: Really love to see him get a good role, not sure what would fit though. He might be better off in the indy movie scene.
Eko: Oz prisoner, then drug lord turned priest… something meaty and dramatic and imposing.
Libby: Really wish the actress wouldn’t refuse to come back to Lost to finish up her mystery.
Charlotte: Love to see her working with Daniel again on something indyish. Maybe a cable series.
Nikki: Friend or relative of Penny’s on Big Bang Theory.
Paulo: Something where he has to take off all his clothes, so cable I guess. I loved him in Love Actually. Lost wasn’t a good role for him but he’s been good in other things.
Danielle:Wish she too wouldn’t refuse to come back to Lost. Something drama and relationship oriented. Maybe another serious sci-fi show.
Bernard: I liked him here best in a good role better than the bad guys he’s played. Thought it was funny that both he and Jin were evil lawyers on Angel.
Rose: Love her, not sure where to put her. Well written drama.
Richard: Love him, not sure where to put him. Well written drama.
Tom: IDK
Alex: Love her, not sure where to put her. Well written drama. She could do lighter too, although wouldn’t want to see her stuck in a sitcom.
Christian: Soap dad.
Frank: True Blood
Pierre: BBT
Ethan: Bones
Widmore: Soap dad. What is this the 10th series he’s played a dead rich guy on? No reason to stop now…
Naomi:Sci fi drama.
Karl: Loved him. Family drama.
Penny: Doing great on Flash Forward. Hope she shows up on Lost again.
Cindy: Hope she shows up on Lost again.
Keamy: Chameleon! Maybe Burn Notice or Chuck.
Phil: Something nerdy. BBT or Chuck or Bones.
Mikhail: Something gritty.
Eloise: Something British. Dr Who? Something Agatha Christie ish?
Horace: He’s been on other stuff recently but looks really different without his hippy wig.
Ilana: Flash Forward.
Radinsky: Must die!
Jacob: Doing great on Supernatural