Let's disband Lost and move the characters where they belong

Anyone want to help me with this? Lost is truly a wreck. But I still like the characters. They need new homes.

I said in the main Lost thread Desmond might make a good Cylon on Battlestar Galactica. Or maybe he’d do okay on Heroes.

Where should everyone else go? Not the actors. The characters.

I actually thought about this last night. I thought “Sawyer” would make a pretty cool series. At the very least, cast (drawing blank on Sawyer’s name) in a series and have him play it the same way.

If I had to transplant him to an existing series, I’d go with BSG. I’d love to see him as a wiley nogoodnik who hoards medicine and reads stolen books. Can you imagine his chemistry with Starbuck?

Jack can go to Grey’s Anatomy.

Hurley would be great on Entourage.

I think Locke might perk up “Jericho.” Or maybe he could suddenly sprout a law degree and join “Boston Legal.”

We could kill off everyone on Jericho and move the entire cast from Lost there.

Let’s not kill quite everyone. Let’s transplant Skeet Ulrich’s character to “Scrubs.”

Only if he’s a patient that dies, painfully, during the episode.

Kate and sawyer need to be making late-night movies for Cinemax.

I didn’t even consider comedies. I think Sawyer would fit in nicely as an old buddy of Earl and Randy on My Name is Earl.

Hurley could move to Eureka and duke it out with the guy who owns the cafe.

I can envision Sayid fitting into the cast of “24.” Let’s make him Chloe’s new love interest.

Sayid would also fit in on the British show Spooks/MI5, but he probably wouldn’t live long.

I’d like to see Jack join Dr. House’s team. Just think of the amount of abuse he’d receive!

Claire is chosen as a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.” The other girls mock her mercilessly for being too short, too fat, and having an accent, but she hangs in there and makes it to the Final Four, mainly because Twiggy likes her.

Kate and Claire seriously need to do porno.

:smiley: Of course he would!

What about Sun & Jin. Could some of the mysteries of their relationship spice up Desperate Housewives?

I haven’t been watching that show lately. Is it a train-wreck too?

Mr. Eko joins the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin in “The Office”. Beats on Dwight occasionally with his Jesus stick.