Lost yet another pair of reading glasses

Honest to God, where do these things go?

My routine at the end of the day is to gather my reading glasses and place them in the breast pocket of my coat on the way out the door. While walking to my car I checked my pocket and they weren’t there. Meh, no big deal, I have a spare pair of girly-looking glasses in the car; I’ll get by till tomorrow.

So, I come in this morning fully expecting to see my glasses on my desk, and they’re not here. They’re not anywhere? Now I’m forced to wear these ridiculous girly glasses at work today.

I’ve probably either lost or broken a half dozen pair in the last year.

Where are my glasses?

on top of your head

With my socks.

Until I got progressive lenses, I would buy reading glasses by the half-dozen at the dollar store. You know they’re going to disappear into the ether anyway, so why fight it?

Yeah, I should really get some progressives now too. I’m fine for distance without glasses, and fine up close with glasses, but the range in between is now starting to suffer. Meaning at about 10 to 15 feet neither option works well.

I still have no idea where the glasses went. They weren’t dollar store ones, although I’ve gone through my share of those. They were like $20 ones from the pharmacy.

I don’t know where they went, but I share your frustration.

A couple of years ago I bought a book that was instructional/reference. I read through it once like a novel, then promised myself to really dig into it later. I’ve looked in every corner of my apartment 3 times, and I can’t find it.

Finally today I just ordered another copy. I just know I’m going to find the first copy the second I arrive home tonight.

Buy another pair of glasses. The lost pair will find you in no time.


My reading glasses are such that I get by on a pair from Walmart, so I bought 8 or so and have them all over the house, because I lose them.

Almost all of them end up in my office somewhere eventually, but at least I know where to find a pair.

Whenever I find the cheap ones, I buy like a half-dozen of them.

In my home office, I put two screws in the wall about 18" apart and strung a piece of wire between them. I hang all the glasses on that wire (my sunglasses too).

Now they’re easy to find. :slight_smile:

At our house it’s combs. I’ve never seen anything like it. Ever since the Celtling reached about 2 years old the combs have been disappearing by the dozen. I buy another dozen or so every time I go to the dollar store.

I’m afraid that someday I’ll find out that’s what’s wrong with the plumbing. . . :eek:

Well, son of a …

They were in my coat pocket all along: a different coat pocket! My winter coat has three layers of breast pockets: one on the very inside, one in the middle, and an outer one where I always put my glasses. I checked all three a number of times yesterday and nothing. They were somehow hiding in the middle layer and I didn’t find them till now.

Wild and wacky stuff.

I had the opposite problem. I had the same pink comb for decades. I have no idea how I aquired it, as I can’t really see myself buying a pink one. Maybe it came in a box of cereal or something.

There were days when I hated having in my back pocket. It would poke me in just the wrong way and be really annoying. Some days I would move it to my breast pocket just to get some relief. Then on day recently it occured to me – I shave my head now! And I probably will for the rest of my life. Goodbye annoying pink comb. My hairbrush was the next thing to go.

I lose everything. LOL including reading glasses. This is why I won’t own an expensive ring or braclet, why? I’ll just lose it.

I recall I went shopping and a friend talked me into buying a nice pair of gloves. He said, “If you spend $40.00, you’ll be extra careful and won’t lose them.”

I had them for two days. I got on the subway and took one of them off and it fell. It bounced off the subway floor and out the door and then the subway doors closed and the subway took off. By the time I got to the next stop and waited to take the train back to see if there was any chance my glove was still on the platform, it was gone and so was the $40.00

From now on it’s stock up on gloves at Christmas when you get two pair of gloves for $10 at K-Mart :slight_smile:

They sell gloves at the dollar store too. :wink:

I bought rubber work gloves at the dollar store. They cost a dollar.


Why are you taking the glasses with you? I keep a pair at work, a pair in my purse, a pair in the living room, a pair in the kitchen, a pair at the computer, and a pair in the bathroom. Take them off and leave them when you are done in whichever area you’re in.

You have a point…

That would give him six pairs to lose.