So, I lost my damned glasses

I had them on Sunday when I dropped the kids back at their mum’s place. I know this because I went to the grocery store afterwards to buy some naan bread for my simmering curried lamb back home and there’s no way I could have read the price and expiry date without them.

When I got home I couldn’t find them. I don’t need them for driving, but pretty much need them for everything else. These were $300 progressive lens glasses for crap’s sake.

I assumed I left them in the car, so I went to look. Nope. Now, I have multiple pairs of cheap reading glasses and that work fine for most things, so I put on my reading glasses and added spinach to my curry, had a great meal, fell asleep in front of the TV then went to bed.

Here it is, Wednesday, and I still haven’t found them! The good news is that I get $500 every two years for an eye exam and glasses, and I have an appointment in two weeks, so I have to live with reading glasses for another month(ish).

I was really looking forward to having two pair of good glasses, but alas I guess I’ll only have one pair again.

Anyone else lose their glasses? What a bummer.

That sucks. Sorry to hear it.

I haven’t lost any yet, but that’s just because I’m always wearing them. Basically, if I’m not asleep or in the shower, my glasses are on.

But I’ve broken them in the past, and had to wait until I could get a new pair. Couple of days, but those were rough days. I can’t do much without my glasses. I got by at work with drugstore readers, but that didn’t help my distance vision. I was walking around in a fog.

I lost the expensive clip-on sunglasses that went with my more expensive Silhouette progressives. Now I have those big honking wear-over sunglasses that make me look like a very nearsighted bug.

My glasses are rimless and damn near invisible so if I ever misplace them in the house, I am doomed.

it is good to have a case for occasional or switchable pairs.

get a clip-on case or clamshell case and always use clothes that can hold the case.

good you only have to wait a month for no cost glasses.

check the store ‘lost and found’.

I must have had them on at the cash register though. I suppose it can’t hurt to check with the store, but I’m pretty sure I would have worn them when leaving the store. I typically take them off for driving, but wear them most other times.

Either I put them down in some really obscure location, or they fell out in the store parking lot, or even my own driveway. I was hoping I’d search around last night and find them, but… my alternator fried on my on the way home last night and left me stranded in the cold and dark about 5 km from home. I called a tow truck and then got a ride home by a passing good Samaritan.

Now I have a $750 car repair to add to my woes. I left work late and didn’t get home until 8:30 PM.

Great week this is shaping up to be.

Did you look on the air conditioner?

I often lose a lot of things, but not my glasses. As with Saintly Loser, I usually have them on. When I’m in the shower or going to bed, there’s always a specific place I put them, so they won’t get lost. I’d be helpless without my glasses.

I had mine STOLEN once in college. Yes, prescription lenses, so theoretically useless to anyone but me.

Fell asleep in lab, my glasses on the table by my elbow. Woke up and someone had taken them. I’m terribly nearsighted without them.

That’s like stealing Tiny Tim’s crutches…it’s just mean.

It happened to me in the past. I lost a pair of designer frames. I had to wear my cheap back up glasses. What I usually do is order a fewfrom Zenni or some other places to have backup options.

Its pushed up into your hair :smiley:

Discovered this site last week because my daughter lost her glasses.

I had no idea you could get glasses for $10.

Look under the seat of the car.


Are they in a coat or jacket pocket? My wife has done that a few times.

Whenever my wife can’t find her glasses, the first place I look is in the bedroom closet. A lot of times she will take them off and set them on a shelf while changing, then walk out and leave them there.

Done. About 5 times. Both sides.

Oooh. That’s one place I haven’t looked. Hmmm… And getting changed would have been the first thing I did when I got home Sunday night. I usually set them on the bed when I change though, but it’s worth a check tonight. Thanks.

Sometimes, after looking for lost glasses for a long time, I think, “Gee, it would be easier to find if I put on my glasses…”

The worst thing is losing them (and other things) while on vacation. I was in Rome, and absentmindedly left my back pack at the Trajan Column. When I retraced my steps back there, it was gone. No glasses. No extra camera lenses. No favorite calculator. Not to mention all the pictures I had taken that morning. I had to waste time the following day . . . re-taking those photos, filing a police report, shopping for a new back pack and a cheap pair of magnifying glasses.

The worst thing was, this was at the *beginning *of my Italian Vacation, spent feeling like Mr. Magoo.

Plus . . . dealing with all the denial. "No, I didn’t!

I think this is the one good thing about being blind without glasses. They never come off my face except when I sleep, so I never lose them (KNOCK. ON. WOOD.)

Not sure how I’ve managed to go 18 years with only one or two broken frames - and that wasn’t even broken, it was just a serially loose screw - but the changes in my eyes have slowed down enough so that my old prescription is finally close enough to my new prescription that, for once, I have a back-up pair.

Lost my glasses for a few days once. Apparently wore them to bed and they somehow ended up under the mattress!

Lost my glasses on a canoe trip in the boundary waters. Week long trip, probably lost them the third day in. Fell in the water, straight to the bottom of the lake. Can’t see a thing without them. Wasn’t all that bad, as I didn’t have to drive or read.