LOTR- extended edition confusion

I see that the Two Towers extended edition DVD will come out in a few weeks. I am confused because I recently borowed from my neighbor what I thought was the Two Towers extended edition DVD.

It had additional discs with tons of interviews and other extras.

Is this new DVD something different?

Yes. The TTEE DVD will have over 30 minutes of additional movie footage woven into the feature. It’ll also have about two discs of extras with interviews, etc etc etc, probably with more ROTK preview type stuff.

But the EE movie will have more scenes in it, featuring more interaction with the ents, among other things.

How can they have two extended editions? Why not just have one with all the extras?

There’s only one extended edition. The first DVD release, the one your friend has, was the version you saw in the theaters. The second DVD release will feature a version of the movie that includes more than thirty minutes of previously unseen footage, complete with new score, special effects, etc, seamlessly inserted into the film.

This is, incidentally, exactly what they did with Fellowship of the Rings, and they will be doing it again with Return of the King. And they’ve been saying that they plan to do this for at least a year in advance of the release of the first movie. I honestly don’t know how anyone with more than a slightest passing interest in the film could be unaware of this, but threads like this still pop up about once a month.

Hm, from the Amazon page for TTT:EE:

The theatrical version was 175 minutes. So does this mean they’ve cut about 10 minutes of theatrical stuff, in addition to adding 40+ minutes of new stuff? I’ve heard there were a couple of cuts from the theatrical to the extended edition of FOTR, but surely nowhere near 10 minutes?

Additional discs?? The version that is out now is a 2 disk set (one disk for movie + one disk for extras) The Exteneded edition is 4 discs (2 discs for movie + 2 discs for extras)