LOTR-ROTK Question

In the movie ROTK, when Sam, Frodo, and Smeagol are outside the gates of Cirith Ungol about to ascent the winding staircase, there is a greenish-energy-beam-type-thing that shoots out of one of the towers. Gandalf and Pippin see it from Minas Tirith.
The question is, does anyone know what that was or what it is supposed to signify?
Its been buggin me everytime I watch it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Orcs lighting farts?

A magical signal flare indicating it was time to roll out the armies.

A brilliant tactic. A signal indicating it is time to roll out the armies which is visible from the enemy’s capital city!!! No wonder Mordor got their asses kicked. Dummies. :smiley:

Nitpick: They’re outside the gates of Minas Morgul(Tower of Sorcery), home of the Witch-King of Angmar. Cirith Ungol(Pass of the Spider) is the nasty cobwebby place up at the top with the big ol’ spider in it.


Sauron’s preferred methods were terror and despair. I’d wager that the Mordor flare and the Minas Morgul reply would only deepen the impending sense of doom hanging over Minas Tirith.

1920’s style. . .
first one of these ever for me

Sauron’s two preferred methods were terror, despair and fanatical dedication to Morgoth – THREE, three preferred …


Get the pointy chair!

From The Two Towers

So according to the book there were two signals. The first, coming probably from Barad Dur, meaning “go forth and conquer.” The second, from Minas Morgul, meaning, “I hear and obey.”

Both were calculated to inspire fear and dread. It’s not as if the coming invasion were a secret, after all.

In the book, a red spike of fire had first shot up from Barad-dur, and then Minas Morgul answered with it’s own signal (a beam of light).

Basically Barad-dur was giving the go ahead to release the Morgul forces, onto Minas Tirith, and Minas Morgul signaled back with ‘Roger that.’

you are absolutely correct Elfbabe, my mistake. I’m embarrased to have made such a mistake (in my defence…I did post this around 4am :P)

Thanks for looking that up dude. I think that that is a perfect hint that I should re-read the books again. The movies are distorting things that happened in the book :stuck_out_tongue:

Shucksss…I guess i have to read them again =)