Lots of FOIN men on my TV screen


Eric Stoltz as the heartthrob teacher on Once and Again makes me weak in the knees.

That little biscuit, the blonde muscular one on Chicago Real World (so long as he doesn’t open his mouth).

The ever-dashing, dark, brooding Chris Noth in late night Law and Order reruns.

Holy sex on a stick Batman! Johnny Knoxville-yummy yummy yummy.

Who else?

Dear God, I even started to warm up to that Bachelor dork last night.
I think I’m in heat.
Well, that and I need a life…

Eric Stoltz. My, my, my. I’ve had the biggest crush on him since Some Kind of Wonderful.

And while I don’t watch much tv, I have to second Chris Noth, as he was on for Carrie’s birthday (rerun) on “Sex and the City” last night.

And I just started watching “Six Feet Under”, so I don’t know his name, but the guy that plays Nate is extremely hot. Dump Brenda and whisk me away to a life filled with ghosts, dead bodies, and dysfunctional families. I won’t care as long as I get to be with him! :wink:

Ah yes, the mystery of seduction that is Peter Krause. Remember Sports Night?
Too bad the OZ season ended. Then we could really dish. Chris Meloni, anyone?