Lou Dobbs screed on immigration reform

Has anybody else seen this commentary by Lou Dobbs? Somebody forwarded it to me and I can’t find anything on Snopes or Factcheck that rebuts Dobbs’ claims about the bill.

The answer to your question is yes, I’ve seen it.

My question is why is this in General Questions?:dubious:

Since I don’t see a factual question here, and this is basically political, I’m moving it to GD.

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Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Dobbs does refer many times to The Heritage Foundation, so I suppose that automatically makes the whole thing suspect.

Do you (or anyone else) have a link to any other information on this video, for those of us who would rather not download and watch a random .wav file? When did it air, on what show, anything like that?

I don’t, but it was on CNN on Lou Dobb’s show, which I thought was apparent in the OP. My bad.

Just did a 30 second search on Google: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP1UQMd7VMw

Thanks, Chefguy. Looks like this Dobbs commentary aired on 23 May 2007, and referred to a bill that ended up never being voted on.

Dobbs has become pathological. He goes on ad nauseum about illegal immigration. Ok Lou, we get it. You’re a fat, rich, white bastard that doesn’t want anyone that actually does some work to get ahead. What happened, did the gardener fuck your wife [because you could never get it hard]?

Dobbs used to be a respectable newsman who has descended into near insanity. Thank god CNN let him go. Send him to Mexico.

Send him to Mexico? You two have the same gardener?

Good god: and it’s just now making the email rounds? That was under the Bush administration!

Because we aren’t in the appropriate forum for me to express my complete opinion about Lou Dobbs, I will just share this lovely Onion article.

You are welcome. You did notice that this got moved by a mod because it was obviously posted in the wrong forum don’t you and that I did answer the only question he actually asked . . . :rolleyes:

The implied question was whether there is any rebuttal on the web.

I’m sure the job offer for a junior mod position is in the mail to you. I’m pretty sure it includes a decoder ring.

I sympathize with Dobbs. We have immigration laws in place that we enforce against people arriving by plane, but our southern border is wide open. You can have arguments about how many immigrants to allow, with what skills or family ties, but it is utter madness that we don’t allow a skilled worker from Europe or Asia to immigrate, but have millions of undocumented aliens working.

He has gone overboard, but there doesn’t seem to be any rational debate. On the one hand we have jingoists and on the other we have people that are willing to throw open the borders to anyone.

Aren’t there people who think we should clamp down on illegal border crossings, address the state of current illegal aliens, then take a hard look at what the right criteria are for immigrating and how many people we can absorb.

Nothing mad about it at all, from the point of view of the people who benefit from it.

And in between, where the actual clout is, we have effective lobbying from employers of undocumented immigrants. From their standpoint, there are lots of advantages to the current situation: they have a large pool of industrious and motivated workers to choose from, while the precariousness of the workers’ illegal status keeps them comparatively docile and cheap.

I don’t like irrational extremists on either side of the immigration debate any more than you do, but I think you’re off base in imagining that they’re the ones who are chiefly responsible for the current problems with immigration.

Good point. The easiest first step would be to put huge fines on employers who knowingly hire illegals, and enforce the laws more strictly.

Just to point out some trivia, his wife actually is Mexican herself.

I was going to start a thread, but this seems like a good place to announce that Lou might be mulling a run at the White House or Senate. Story here.

I have to admit, I would love seeing him debate Obama.
The only thing that would be more fun is if he took Palin on as his VP candidate.
Dumb and Dumberer in 2012!

Tell me, what specifically about his take on illegal immigration do you find near insane?