Louie, Louie - dirty lyrics

I’ve seen the real lyrics to “Louie Louie” in numerous places, such as Cecil’s first book. However, I constantly hear about the alleged “dirty lyrics” that people thought they heard when the song first came out. So what were the supposed “dirty lyrics?” Have they ever been written down? A search on Metacrawler only yielded the actual lyrics. I was so disappointed.

There you go Strainger: you can thank me later :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, omniscientnot!!

NOOOOOOO!!! Not that song again!!!

Dave Barry (humor columnist) had a good explaination for the popularity of “Louis, Louis”. He said of this song that no one could understand the words, but everyone was sure they must be dirty.

I think Cecil touched on this in the first * Straight Dope * book. It seems the Kingsmen’s boom mike was faulty or improperly adjusted, and so their sung lyrics were not clearly reproduced.
Occam’s Razor should apply to those who thought there were “dirty” lyrics–including the FBI.

They really were dirty!
I have a regional variation!

three nights and days, i sailed the sea,
efffed that girl all kinda ways,
on my ‘slang term for ‘penis’, or Nixon’
I feel her there, I felt my ‘slang term for ‘testicles’’ in her hair.

Course, ‘rose’ coulda meant sumpthin else.
Who knows?

In case anyone’s interested: