"Louie,Louie" X-rated lyrics

“Louie,Louie” was banned at some High Scholl event lately.
Now I know Cecil has a set of the definitive lyrics posted
at Songlyrics.com but I recall once hearing a version with
different words. It was a little like the “foreign fish and finger pie”
line in the Beatles song.
Does anyone know the lyrics which are deemed offensive?

Link to Column: What are the lyrics to “Louie, Louie?”– CKDH

I know The Smoking Gun had some documents from the original FBI investigation. The lyrics the FBI came up with were rather offensive.

Or rather tehy would be if they made any sense.

I forsee a forum change in the immediate future.


Cecil’s column: What are the REAL lyrics to “Louie Louie”?.

Thanks for the Smoking Gun info. We can really sleep
well at night knowing the FBI is looking out for us.

I own over 300 versions of “Louie Louie”. It’s my favorite song, being the perfect 3-chord punk rock song.

That said, I can vouch for the accuracy of the lyrics as Cecil posted them in his column, at least for the Richard Berry and Kingsmen versions.

Many artists who have covered this song have changed the lyrics. Black Flag’s version, in particular, departs from the traditional lyrics. But the original lyrics are benign, and in fact the FBI investigation concluded, after some time and money was spent, that the singing on the Kingsmen’s song was unintelligible, and therefore could not be prosecuted.

You can have a gander at the FBI reports here . :rolleyes:

The original is more of an R’n’B tune than a punker. It seems that the original was 3 chords, but some of the many versions since have been 4. It’s kinda funny to look up the online tabs for this one; no one seems to agree upon which chords…