Marching Band prohibited from playing "Louie Louie"

The ignorant tight-ass club strikes again!

Good Lord, what was this superintendent thinking?

Was she thinking?!

For Christ’s Sake, even the FBI “investigated” the song some 40 years ago and found it to be kosher.

What really makes this friggin’ ridiculous is that the marching band was not even going to sing the damned song! Man, when someone that out of touch with reality is running the school system, then Houston (or in this case Benton Harbor, MI) we definately have a problem.

It takes two years for the FBI to read the lyrics to a song? Did it ever dawn on them to just ask the record company?

I absolutely support the banning of this song – it’s bad enough when a rock band plays it; it’s much worse when a marching band does.

Ya know, I gotta admit you have a valid point there, JeffB

The lyrics in question.

I don’t think our school administrators have enough to do.

From here:

Obviously obscene! I mean, you know what those Jamaicans mean when they say, ‘Me take her in my arms’. Louie, Louie is a not-so-subtle song about date rape. :rolleyes:

I can’t wait to see what high school football games will look like in 5-10 years.

*There will be no cheerleaders (cheering could lead to dancing).
*There will be no marching bands. Since pretty much every song is about love or sex it is only a matter of time before they are all banned.
*There will be no cheering at all by fans. We have to protect the feelings of the kids on the losing team don’t we? Better yet, they just won;t keep score.

Johnny L.A. has obiously not heard Iggy Pop’s rendition!

and don’t quote entire songs, I don’t want you to get banned!

Considering where the quote was taken from (see the link) and who wrote it, I didn’t think it would be a problem. :wink:

You know, I can’t help but to be reminded of Frank Zappa’s album “Joe’s Garage.” It looks like The Central Scrutinizer has struck again.

Which reminds me, they can still play Dinah Moe Hum, can’t they?

Couldn’t possibly be any worse than the explicit lyrics from ‘Jazz From Hell’, right?

I support legislation that authorizes the public whipping of any high school marching band that plays “Louie Louie”, “Rockin’ Robin”, or “Hang On Sloopy”.

That’s practically all our band played.

(When my sister went through high school four years prior, they got to play Peaches En Regalia at an exhibition.)

The Master speaks.


In my collection is an LP from 1985 which is a special compilation by WMMR 93.3 FM Philly, and it includes the Rice University Marching Owl Band performing Louie, Louie. Allegedly the MOB, as they are known, concludes every halftime show with a rendition.

How can something be obscene if it’s unintelligable?

And here I was assuming this was about Williams-Brice Stadium.

I just got done writing a very brief and polite email to Superintendent Dawning as well as the news editor of the Herald-Palladium (the local paper there), including the link to Cecil’s article and the lyrics. I urged her to reconsider.

I sure hope she doesn’t pull books from the school library without bothering to read them first.

::points at 75% of rap music these days::

D’oh…make that:

:: points at 75% of rap music these days::