Louis CK's '2017' Netflix special

Anyone seen it yet?

I’m a big fan of Louis CK. I think he’s one of the best, if not the very best modern comic out there. I know he can get pretty dark/vulgar sometimes, but I love that he’s willing to go there.

Maybe I wasn’t in a great mood when I watched the latest special, or maybe I’m just too used to his schtick by now, but I didn’t think it was great. I laughed a few times but was hardly rolling.

The thing with comedians, even the most talented ones only ever have 2 or 3 stand ups in their career that are truly great . The rest tend to be “meh”.
I think CK has already had his 2 or 3. That said though, I still intend to watch his latest special on Netflix.

I thought the opening bit was really weak. Among the weakest bits he’s done. Achilles was pretty good though. Probably, overall, the weakest hour he’s had since before Shameless, I think. Still good and I look forward to the next Netflix release, but I agree that it wasn’t up to par with his earlier stuff.

As far as 3 being a maximum for good specials, I think Shameless, Hilarious, Live at the Beacon Theater, and Oh My God were all fantastic and Chewed Up, the Comedy Store and Carnegie Hall specials were very good. The worst of those stands up to the best hour that, say, Mitch Hedberg or Mike Birbiglia put out, and I like both of them.

I saw it live in DC (I think that’s the one that was filmed) and I thought it was great. As good as any of the others that I remember, anyway. My wife and I were laughing the whole time.

Of course, like any performance, comedy is different (and probably better) live. I haven’t seen it yet on Netflix.

It was good, but was about 20 minutes too long. His final segment on being a little bit gay was not funny and felt eternal.

The rest was pretty good.

Jim Gaffigan’s latest special was better, as was the 2016 one from Dave Chapelle(his second one on Netflix was 2015).

I liked the special. I got to see him live in the Fall in Madison Square Garden and it was this same set. It still made me laugh a second time.

I didn’t like it much. In the Netflix thumbs up thread, I said how some things would be 3 stars but hard to judge if thumbs up or down. This is a perfect example. It wasn’t an awful waste of time, but it wasn’t so good I can’t wait to forget it to watch again. I did laugh at a few things, but some just weren’t that funny. Normally when he’s not funny, he’s making a larger statement, but these fell flat to me.

I don’t think he’s lost it or anything. No one with a long career is going to have a perfect record.

I did like the suit instead of just a t-shirt and jeans.

Nothing that hasn’t been said before, which was really disappointing. It was boring. I don’t recall laughing once. I love him too. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Netflix thing. I really like Amy Shumer but her Netflix special was horrible.

Jim Gaffigan’s recent special was on Netflix and it was great. As was Dave Chapelle’s.

I didn’t think it was that great the first time I watched it, but I’ve seen it 3 times now. It seems to get better with each viewing. I’m not sure why, but that is how I felt. I personally feel Oh my god was his best performance, and even Louis’s worst stand up comedy specials are still better than 95% of the other comedian’s specials on netflix.

Also, what the fuck was wrong with his face? It was all red and splotchy. Did he take a bunch of niacin tablets before his performance?

Also that suit didn’t really work with him. I’m not sure what color suit and tie would work for Louie CK, but the one he wore wasn’t very good. He looks better in thissuit.

True. And I loved Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra. She is sassy.

I think he wasn’t trying to look all that sharp?

Did not see this coming…

Seems Louis CK has a bit of a reputation of sexual harassment, which he does not deny.

Just finished it.

I really enjoyed this one. The email bit had me in tears.