Louis' Lunch

My wife and I spent almost 3 weeks bumming around New England. (we’re trying to visit all 50 states before we’re 50 years old.)
I remembered seeing Louis Lunch on an episode of Unwrapped. So when we were in New Haven we stopped and had lunch.

VERY GOOD!:slight_smile:
The burgers are thick, and served with fresh onions and tomatos. Homemade potato salad too.

If you’re in the area, I recommend it!

If you click on some of the links connected to that site, you’ll find that even the Library of Congress suggests that this was the birthplace of the hamburger.

Don’t believe it. Show me the beef.

If you don’t mind…are you well off or just great savers/planners? I’ve been to 49 states but only because my dad loves to travel and works for an airline (hence we all flew for free when I was growing up- and my parents still do.) I’d like to visit them all again one day with my own money but I’ve done a slight bit of looking into it and travelling is expensive! :eek:

Sorry if the question is too nosey, I just thought I’d try asking.

We’ve been working on this for over 20 years.
I’ve been with my company so long that (if you include “personal days” and “floating holidays”) I get almost 6 weeks paid vacation a year, so time off work isn’t an issue.
Money really isn’t either. If you pre-plan by several months you can get great airline fairs and motel rates. Most of our vacations aren’t 3 weeks long. This one was an exception.

What we don’t do is spend a lot of money on guided tours and souvenirs. For instance, we walked the Freedom Trail in Boston rather than taking the Ducks, and our photographs are better (and cheaper) souvenirs than something we could get at a gift shop.

We only have 3 states to go to make all 50. We’ve got over 6 years to do it in.