Louisiana Republicans are so dumb they blame Obama for Katrina

From TPM:

:eek: Og, “Bob,” and Jesus-Allah, are the Pubs this dumb in every state nowadays?!

There was a time, you know, and a long time, too, when the GOP was the party of the highly educated. I wonder, did Nixon and Kevin Phillips have any notion of what their Southern Strategy (enticing white-supremacist Democrats to switch parties) would do to the GOP in the long run?!

Anyone answering Obama is inexcusable, but I wonder how many of the 44 percenters thought that Bush wasn’t really responsible at all, and so neither has more blame.

He was working with the reptilians before taking office, that’s why they made him president.
Katrina was a side effect of using HAARP to recharge starship power cells.

Now, be fair, they only blame him for the poor response to Katrina. They do not believe he actually sent the storm. At least, the way the question is phrased leaves room for doubt.

A debatable point, perhaps, but, early in his first term, Bush got clear warnings about three potential disasters that government experts considered possible and requiring some federal response-preparation: A terrorist attack on a major American city; a major earthquake in San Francisco; and a hurricane hitting New Orleans and breaching the levee. Apparently he ignored all that. And I should hope everyone in Louisiana would know that story by now.

Og spare SF the earthquake, but if it comes, good thing it won’t happen on W’s watch.

More believably, I have met a conservative who blamed Obama for the BP spill. To be fair, he disliked Palin as well, possibly for her Drill Baby Drill rhetoric, since he opposed expanded gulf drilling.

I hope he at least would agree that it was BP’s fault mostly.

Can we ask them who’ll be to blame for the poor response to Katrina in 2018? Let’s see how far ahead their forecasting works.

From what I recall, the warning even specified New York and Washington as the likely targets for a terrorist attack.

That will still be Obama’s fault, the way the economy is squarely on Clinton.

What has Obama done to prepare for a SF earthquake?

Hell, I hold Obama responsible for the SF earthquake of 1906.

Not being sure who to blame is a perfectly rational response.


That is significant – more blame Obama than blame Bush!

29 percent of the GOP respondents to that survey are idiots.

It looks like it was an automated phone poll. I hope, nay, pray, that 29 percent of the respondents just thought it would be fun to fuck around, because otherwise…

No, Republican generally start speaking well of a Democrat once they’ve safely left office. It makes them look fair-minded in a way that has no meaning. So a lot of Republicans starting saying Clinton was okay once he’d finished his eight years in office. It’s only recently they’ve swung back out of concern that Hillary might get elected.

So once Obama leaves office, he’ll get the same treatment. If Clinton or Biden or Cuomo gets elected, they’ll constantly be compared unfavorably to Obama.

Pssst! Shhhhh with that! We’re working as hard as we can, but there’s no way we can have the weather machine ready before 2020!

Uh… what? Republicans speak well of Clinton? FDR? Wilson?

Barack Obama: Time Lord.

I had heard of Obama being blamed for Sandy, but KATRINA?!?!? I was living in Illinois in 2005, and while I knew Obama existed, he wasn’t really on the nation’s radar except for that speech he made the year before, when he was still Senator.

Oh, heck, most of the accusations lobbed against Obama aren’t 1/10 as vile as some of the things Bill Clinton was accused of. Good heavens, if he’d really done all that, he wouldn’t have had time to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom. Obama’s had numerous gay lovers murdered to keep them quiet?!?! Get out of here and take the colander off your head while you’re at it.

One accusation that NOBODY with whom I’ve discussed it believed was that Clinton hosted cocaine parties in the Arkansas governor’s mansion. I HAVE heard that about Jerry Brown when he was California’s governor the first time, and EVERYONE I’ve mentioned that to has found it believable.

I just had to google it… here’s a quote from http://www.catholicbook.com/catholicbook/Obgaylovers.htm

Oddly enough, those same people overwhelmingly support backgroung checks…

Would you support or oppose requiringbackground checks for all gun sales, includinggun shows and the Internet 75% answered ‘support’
Maybe they only polled distracted people?