Louisiana Senate run-off goes to the GOP


The confusingly-named John Kennedy, a Republican and the state treasurer in Louisiana has won the run-off over Democrat Foster Campbell, the chairman of the Public Service Commission. The seat was held by the retiring David Vitter, also a Republican.

I am pleased.

It’s unfortunate, but not really that surprising. Not really much else to say about it.

Because “Yay Team”? Or for some deeper reasons?

Wow! Can you imagine? A *Republican *wins a Senate seat in deep blue Louisiana! If *that *doesn’t prove the total awesomeness of the GOP, I don’t know what will.

It is proof positive that dim bulbs own LA. Even after Trump sputters nonstop like an imbecile, they are willing to vote him more power.

Don’t underestimate Foster Campbell’s own incompetence’s impact on this race.