"Lounge or Black Tie"

I’ve got an invite to a retirement party and it says the above. I don’t have a black tie so what exactly is ‘lounge’ wear?


I can’t tell by your name if you’re male or female. so . . .

Male: Think Noël Coward. Satin smoking jacket. Black trousers. Embroidered slippers. Cigarette holder (with opium cigarette in it). Hair slicked back.

Female: Think Gertrude Lawrence. Silk-chiffon lounging pyjamas (always with a “y”), louis-heeled mules with ostrich-feather tufts. Cigarette holder (with opium cigarette in it). Gold compact, given to you by the Grand Duke Dmitri on that weekend in Paris—you know, the one you can’t tell Mother about.

Probably going to get this thread spiked, but do you know where I could get ahold of an opium cigarette?

I always interpret *lounge wear * to mean just a normal business suit and tie.

White polyester, lots of sequins. Shag rug on the Hammond organ.

OK, given that no one but Eve has these things in the closet anymore, what could it mean on this invitation?

Goggle seems to indicate that it’s a mostly British expression. Here’s a lounge suit, also known as a day suit or a smart suit. Looks like a swankier tux, but with a cravat instead of a bow tie to me. If you’re a guy, you’re renting. If you’re a gal, you’re in an evening gown either way.

The photo beside the lounge suite entry is actually of a morning suit. Lounge suit is just a good suit, but dark not grey.

suit, not suite, dammit!

Ah, right you are ! I was mislead. Don’t mind me.