Lous Elise - The Future of Sports Cars?

I’ve never paid attention to this car, but the thread on prototypes had a link to a supercar site that mentioned it, so I followed the link and did some research…


Has anyone else lusted after an Elise? Unfortunately, they aren’t available in the U.S. and Canada as of yet, but one can hope.

Here’s a site describing the Elise, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

[url=http://www.sandsmuseum.com/cars/elise/index.html]Lotus Elise - A Nimble Car*

The big innovation with the Elise is its aluminum spaceframe construction, which is very, very light, and very, very stiff. The result is a car that’s only something like 1700 lbs. The light weight means unboosted steeering and brakes, which apparently makes this thing feel like a go-kart.

The light weight also means astounding performance and great fuel economy. We’re talking 0-60 times of 5.1 seconds, while getting 50mpg on the highway.

For handling, this is what the light weight and stiff chassis gets you:

From Road and Track:

That lack of power he mentioned was due to this being a 126hp base model. You can get an elise with anything up to 200HP (0-60 in 4.7 seconds with that!).

And, it’s not expensive. There’s no US price, but it’s something like 26,000 pounds in England. That’s in the same range as the Mitsubishi Evo or WRX STi.

So, anyone else think this is a fantastic car?

And for us Canadians and Americans, I just found this:

It’ll probably be $40-$50,000, though… Somewhere in Corvette territory. But I’d rather have an Elise.

Ack. I can’t believe I titled the thread “Lous Elise”. That should be LOTUS Elise. Perhaps a Moderator could fix it up?

I talked to the Lotus Rep. for the US at the Houston car show a few months ago. He said they are MSRP 38K, 1700 lbs and they will be pushing over 200hp. But he wouldn’t say which power plant they were going with, except that it was reliable, and had been on the market awhile and that I had seen and heard of the manufacturer. I’d love to get one, but I need something a bit more practical at the moment. Unless it will pull 2 motorcycles and all their assorted necessities.

Fantastic car on small, twisty roads.
Rubbish on motorways.

Though apparently there has been a LOT of work done to suit this car to the US market (inc. IIRC a Toyota engine, we still have a rubbish Rover K-series and I assume the suspension will be replaced with blamonges).