Your MODEST dream car collection

A lot of us would love to have a car collection with such exotics as Ferraris, Aston-Martins, Lamborghinis, etc. But most of us will never have enough dough to have them. So let’s hear your modest and realistic ‘dream car collection’. Please limit your list to FIVE cars. Here’s my list:
[ul][li]Porsche 911/997 coupé. (I don’t consider this an ‘exotic’ because, while they are a bit pricey, they are really mass-market cars and they don’t cost as much as the examples I posted in the first paragraph.)[/li][li]1966 MGB Roadster. Naturally. ;)[/li][li]Triumph Herald convertible. I wouldn’t really have considered it, until I got one. Intended as a stop-gap while waiting for the MGB to be finished, it grows on me every time I drive it.[/li][li]Triumph Spitfire Mk.II or Mk.III. As stretch once pointed out, they have a nice rear-end.[/li][li]Porsche 914. An under-appreciated car by many, it’s packed with fun.[/ul][/li]Okay, so why these cars? My first car was a '66 MGB Roadster. Nostalgia plays a role there. Also, it’s a very sexy design and offers good performance from a small engine. The Herald is just funky. It was the predecessor to the Spitfire, which is mechanically similar. Its styling is not as sexy as the Spit’s – indeed, it’s rather boxy and has those weird tailfins – but it’s cute, in a homely sort of way. The Spitfire is dead-sexy for an entry-level sports car. The 914 is another entry-level sports car, with very sexy styling. The minimalist approach to its amenities is attractive to me. Very functional. The 911/997 is for going very fast in a very capable car. And it looks neat.

Just one car for me, TVR Cerbera . Not too expensive and looks and goes like a dream :smiley:

Audi rs4 - weekend car
VW R32 Golf - daily driver
VW Toureg V10 diesel - to haul stuff, quickly
Porche 356 Roadster - convertible class
Mercury Marauder - american muscle and fuck off road presence

1968 Olds 4-4-2 convertible
1959 Cadillac convertible (bow down before my fins!)
1974 Karmann Ghia convertible
1989 Porsche 959
1965 Corvette Stingray, uh, convertible (I see a trend here)
1936 Stout Scarab

Awhile back I took an acting class and one of the “warm-up” excersizes we did early in the semester was stand around in a circle and throw this ball around and name our dream car. Everyone was saying Porsche and Ferari and Bugati and all the things you would expect, but when it got to me I said “Classic Volkswagen Beetle” and everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

I’d actually like to have 3 of them: 2 for offroad and 1 for cruising around town.

Why Volkswagens? Well, my parents had them and my grandfather had them and the first time I climbed behind the wheel of one I realized why. They’re just good-looking, fun to drive, well-built cars.

Not included in my list, since I limited it ro five (Mr. Blue Sky :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I’d like to have a 1963 VW Beetle with the fabric sunroof. Naturally, it would be white with red and blue racing stripes and a big 53 on the front, back, and sides. :wink:


The Scarab is, uh, an exception, yeah, that’s it because they only made nine, yeah, and it’s be virtually impossible to get one, yeah, that’s it.


1970-ish International Harvester Scout (Blue)
1972 Hurst Olds 442 (Red)
1965 Lincoln Continental (Midnight Blue w/ black convertible top)
1986 Buick Grand National (Black, naturally)
2005 Dodge Magnum (Black)

Volvo 1800
1960s Karmann Ghia
1980s Mercedes 500SL
Corbin Sparrow
some new minivan or full-size van

Are you some kind of masochist?

The idea behind that thing is great, sure. Why commute in a multi-passenger vehicle when you’re alone? Makes perfect sense.

You’d get your ass kicked driving one of those though.

1967 GTO
1969 Eldorado
1969 Camero Z/28 (Saw one on the net today.* Only* $55,000)
1970 Chevelle SS
1970 Mark III

This thread is quite easy for me after being to the Motorplus car show in Belfast just today. Pricey brands were represented by a prestige section of a local dealer, everything else was for the average pleb (who is paid better than I :wink: )

In no particular order;

Mazda MX-5; Even thought its on a recent list of girly cars on here, it was actually the only car that made me feel low slung and close to the ground. And yes, I got to sit in a Jaguar XK as well. In fact the Jag and a DB-7 even looked cheaper inside than the Mazda. That and I forgot my license so I couldn’t get a test drive of an RX-8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Alfa Romeo 147; For daily hot hatch needs its more comfortable inside, looks better and probably performs better than other offerings from GM, Ford and Renault at the show.

TVR T350c; Since we’re being modest I’ll not plump for the Tuscan. And I’ll not go for the cheaper Vauxhall Monaro (a rebadged Holden/Pontiac) since it looks so much better. And damn the sales man for refusing to let me sit inside one :rolleyes:

SAAB 93 Convertible; Very comfortable, looks good and my Mum always wanted one so I’ll be nice and lend it to her :smiley:

Triumph GT-6; Just had to have a classic British sports cars in here and I’m thinking a BMW 2800CS or 3 litre coupe may be a little pricey, especially to restore :slight_smile:

1967 Camaro.

OK I’m in
1967 MGB Either BRG or Black
1967 MGB GT This one must be BRG with crome wires
1967 Austin Healy 3000 MK III (or any large Healy, but I really love MK IIIs)
Series I XKE roadster
GT 350 Mustang white with the double blue stripe

If any of the above are unavailable feel free to sub in any of the following:
MG TC, MG TF, 68 Charger w/440, 68 Z28

Just five, huh? No total dollar amount, Johnny? Because, you know, I could probably wind up with 6 or more that I like for a total cost (sans restoration expenses, of course) of what your Porsche costs. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, if you’re going to hold me to five “reasonably” priced cars, then here’s my list:[ul]
[li]1969 Chrysler Newport 4 door. (Already acquired for a mere $950.)[/li][li]1969-1971 Chrysler Newport/Hurst/300 2 door. (The Hurst and 300 variants are a bit pricey, but a decent 2 door Newport can be had for about $2-3K.)[/li][li]1969-1971 Chrysler Newport/300 convertable. (These tend to be a bit pricey, but can be had for anywhere between $5-20K depending upon model, condition and options.)[/li][li]AMC Pacer, any year. (These generally go for about $2K or so.)[/li][li]1980 Jeep Cherokee (These can be found for around $2K or so, depending upon condition.)[/li][/ul]

Alternate selections include:
[li]1953-1954 Studebaker Commander. ($5K’s a pretty good price for one in need of a little TLC.)[/li][li]AMC Gremlin. (Despite what everyone thinks, these cars aren’t given away, you have to pay as much as $5K for one.)[/li][li]AMC Eagle (Same price for these as for the Gremlins.)[/li][li]1948 Tucker Replicar (At $35K, it’s less than 1/10th what a real one would cost me.)[/li][li]Studebaker Lark convertible (These go from anywhere between $10-20K.)[/li][li]1956 Packard Caribbean. (A near basket case car can start out at $10K, while a fully restored model will cost about $60K.)[/li][li]1958 Plymouth Fury. (It’s Christine! :smiley: They go for about $20K or so.)[/li][li]A Soviet built Zil. (Insanely huge, insanely heavy, and insanely ugly! No idea of what one costs.)[/li][/ul]

Well, since Tuckerfan just had to include links, I guess I’d better do so as well :D.

Here’s a pretty good street specimen. This should change the opinion of at least a few of you who think classic Beetles can’t be “nice” cars.

Here’s a cool offroad (“Baja”) Beetle.

Hey, how many people here are going to know what some of the cars I like look like? I figured I’d forestall the inevitable bitching about how no one (as usual :wink: ) knew what the hell I was talking about. :smiley: And hey! I included prices unlike some people I could name. :stuck_out_tongue:

In no particular order:

Any '66 - '68 Pontiac GTO
'70 Dodge Charger
'67 Corvette Stingray

There is only one car I want, a Triumph Spitfire. Someday, someday, I say.

DeLorean. Flux capacitor optional. I love the way a lot of 80’s cars look, with the sharp lines, and this car seems to personify that decade of automobiles so well. Asd besides, how freakin’ awesome are gull wing doors?

The other four:
2005 (or whatever the most recent year is) Subaru Impreza WRX.
1965 Jeep CJ-5, fully outfitted for offroading.
That’s pretty much it. I would like some kind of vintage convertable, but at this point I don’t know enough about makes/models to make an informed choice.