Love always finds a way

Amor vincit omnia.

The BBC have a lovely story here.

I’m not going to spoil it beyond that, but I know you will enjoy reading it.

Sorry, I don’t agree that it is so sweet. The woman ditches one man because of his infertility then wants to co-parent (not just use as a sperm donor but actually parent the child together) with somebody she finds on Craigslist. What is worse is that she wants a child so that she will have somebody to take care of her in her old age. I hope for her sake that the child is mentally and physically healthy itself, and does not have a drug addiction, a fatal car accident or just a rotten personality,
That said, I wish them a long happy life and a happy healthy family.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had a bit of an icky feeling for the mother. She not only left her infertile partner, but just didn’t feel like she could deal with his pain.

It seems quite cold to me. Yes, they had only dated 6 months; I suppose she was only dating him a potential babymaker, anyway.

I am happy for them that she and the father are working out well.

I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.

Wow, that’s just…ugh.

There’s also this at the end:

She doesn’t strike me as being particularly compassionate or sympathetic.

She sounds like a bloody nightmare

I’m not seeing a lot of “love” in that story, except perhaps the love she has for herself.

Still, here’s hoping that being a parent forces her to grow the fuck up a little.


I hope the kid grows up able to GTFO soon and while still in posession of most of a mind.

I came back here to see if it was just me and I’m relieved to find it’s not. I did note the nappy quote.

People are just oh so stupid. Poor kid.

Aww, but at least now she hopefully has someone to advocate for better care if she gets hospitalised in old age, and that’s what really counts.

what a terrible person. from the beginning she sounds like she “wants a baby” like it’s a fashion accessory.

feel sorry for the kid. lifetime of little more than being used.

She should write a memoir. The can title it Conceit, Whinge, Fuck, and do the talk show circuit to put her narcissism on full display.


This is gross. First, let’s not say anything at all about a relationship or meeting “the one” until at least ten years after the fact. All my new cars were the “best car ever” for the first six months. Second…well, there is no second point. This is just icky and creepy.

The nappy quote is one of the least objectionable points in the story; she may just be saying that it’s good to be able to tag-team on the grosser aspects of baby care rather than that she was handing them off entirely.

But her treatment of her ex, her reasons for wanting a baby and her general attitude toward her current partner do not reflect particularly well on her.

I disagree with those who find it creepy. Love won through in the end, and that is what matters. So she split from her first love because she was desperate for a child and he was infertile? So what? Seems the right thing to do to me. It allowed both of them to move on.

So if it was a guy who

  1. Decided to take out an advert for a baby mama due to his barren partner not being able to have a child

  2. Then dumped said barren partner for baby mama\

  3. Boasted that he would dump all childcare on her.

That would have been seen as a great love story? We would have had dozens of Guardian articleds decrying the act.

You left out

  1. Wanted to have a baby so baby would take care of him.

You’re ignoring this part:

It wasn’t just that she wanted a child and he was infertile. It’s that he also wanted a child, found out he was infertile, was emotionally devastated and then got dumped by a partner who didn’t care about his personal suffering because he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted and supporting him seemed like a lot of work that wasn’t going to benefit her. That’s Grade A jerkhood right there - not quite “Newt Gingrich dumping his wife on her hospital bed” levels of jerkhood but it’s on the same continuum.