Love is a battlefield — do you know someone who deserves a medal for meritorious service?

Regardless of whether you’re lucky or unlucky in love, we all have scars from our relationship history. That’s why we at Knock Knock are proud to award to all the valiant warriors of the heart our new book, You Deserve a Medal!

It features such salutory commendations such as:
[li]The Shadow-of-a-Doubt Medal of Creeping Disenchantment[/li][li]The Self-Respect Recovery Star[/li][li]The Butterfly Order of the Unexpected Crush[/li][li]The Fight-or-Flight Commendation for Growing Intimacy[/li][li]The Parental Inspection Medal[/li][li]The Relationship War-Zone Medal for Courage Under Irrational Fire[/li][/ul]
and so many more!

But if you’re looking for the real deal, we’ll do you one better… actual medals you can award to those most deserving! Because we’re not kidding around here, we’ve actually manufactured:

The Broken Heart Medal

The True Love Medal

and last but certainly not least,
The Sex Appeal Medal

The nation thanks you for your service! (Strains of “Fanfare for the Common Man” emerges from the rotunda…)

I’d like to table a motion to castrate the above post of all it’s hyperlinks and commercialism, followed by a serious discussion of the subject.


MC, you wish to clarify your statement? Not sure I understand what you’re saying.

It’s his site, he’s a paying member, and this is the Marketplace forum.


My apologies. I thought it was spam, disguised as a discussion in a wrong forum. (The existance of the marketplace never really registered.)

No harm, no foul, MC. Thanks for the apology.

Cute. I like it. :slight_smile: There needs to be a poster of the medals though.

I wonder whether there’s a medal for people who gave up? I guess not…

That would be a blank oval right?

I suspect the thinking was that giving up may not be worthy of commendation, but we do have “The Long Hard Stare Medal of Personal Failure in Love” awarded for reaching the sobering conclusion that the common element uniting the romantic failures comprising one’s love life is oneself, and realizing that one is thus neither ready for love.

I am not broken hearted, but clicked on this thread because of the ‘someone who deserves a medal’ phrase.

If you are in the business of making medals I have a suggestion for you. I used to hear the phrase, ‘you deserve a medal’, all the freaking time. So much that I used to joke with my husband about it, whenever anyone would utter this phrase we would look at each other and smile, thinking, “Yeah, we hear that a lot - so where’s our damn medal already!”

We were caregiving, for a loved one that required a lot of care, in our home, for over 6 yrs. We heard it a lot, and I’m sure caregivers everywhere hear it too.

My suggestion is that you come out with a series of medals for caregivers. At the very least, it would make a great gift and make them smile. And no one deserves to smile more than caregivers, in my opinion.

It was just a thought, hope you don’t mind my impertinence too much!