Why in the hell do we say we can love another human? Aren’t we just all a bunch of selfish asses jusr looking for another to sadisfy our own needs?!!And if we do try to be unselfish and sadisfy others is that not called being a “people pleaser” or letting other’s be using and abusing you… So in either case you are not finding “love” it is nothing but selfishness (or a mental weekness) so how can we say that love exsists??

Love’s a two-way street, kiddo. It’s not “using and abusing” it’s mutual respect and fondness that people have for one another. I don’t tell someone I love them unless I mean it, and I don’t always expect to hear it back.
Love happens to exist because I don’t think there’s any other way people could stand each other for so long.

Sometimes love is fickle. Take me for instance. I love ice cream. I love cookies and cream. I even love Eric Clapton’s band Cream.

Strawberries? Not so much.

Moral: you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

How can there be a certain need (or even want) when it comes to love? Is love not based greatly on physical attraction (lust) so what we want can be definded as what our body chemistry “needs” and as far as companionship goes we all think we want and need that…

Who said that? Henry Kissinger wasn’t it? :smiley:

And strwberries, from the content of the OP, I’m assuming you’re referring to a BF/GF kind of love (or BF/BF, or GF/GF whatever your lifestyle) and not a parent/child or sibling type of love.

Love exists. Without it, what would be the point of life? If you had everything your heart desired, all the material things in the world and all the fame and adulation, but no one to share it with, what would it all mean? Sure it may be selfish at first, but true love is when you’re willing to sacrifice your own good for the good of another. This isn’t necessarily to please the other person.

I recently broke off an engagement with a girl I loved. Why? Because she needed to have time alone. She needs to get some things straightened out for herself, and my being around just confuses and complicates things. Neither of us are happy with the situation, but we know it needs to be done so she can make the choices that are right for her without worrying about me and what I think or what I would do. It’s complicated situation that I won’t go into here, but if my love for her was selfish, I would have asked her to stay with me instead of letting her go to find out who she is and what she needs.

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Simulpost! I just saw that. Love is not based on physical attraction. It is based on a mutual respect and admiration and trust of one another. Physical attraction may get two people together intially, but it is far removed from love and is a separate emotion altogether.

If then, love is mutual respect where does the whole unrequited (I know that isn’t spelled right but It’s late and I"m tired…) fit in?

as in Romeo and Julliet the love he as for Roseiline…??

Yes, that is spelled right!

I have had a psychologically perverse relationship for seven years with a friend who calls me on the phone usually about four times a week for me to calm down her feelings of persecution. No one can talk her out of her ingrown belief that God dislikes her, and sends her signs of this through random people on the street, or grocery clerks. Last night I snapped, and cussed her out and hung up on her three times, signalling that we are officially in one of our quarterly breakups.

I don’t know if this relationship has really been good for her (I think it has improved my patience somewhat), but in any case, the glues that hold us together include unrequited sexual attraction, infatuation, and the neurotic need to believe that one is doing good to another. So I value even false love as a mover and shaker of human behavior, sometimes for good.

Rosalind? I think she was in another play. But, “as you like it. Anything you want to!”. Oh, my heavenly Rosalind!

Romeo claims to be in love with Rosaline but it’s lust he’s in. It’s unrequited in the sense that she won’t sleep with him. That play is a lot more about sex than love.

Unrequited love is an initial attraction that is not retured, which may even grow into love which is not reciprocated, as time goes on and the one-sided attraction turns to one-sided true affection.

Love . . . what a broadly-sweeping word.

In Greek, for example, there are (at least) three different words for three different kinds of love: agape, philos(sp?), and eros. Lust is what they’d refer to as eros, or love of the flesh, or stuff like that. Agape is the love you’d have for a spouse or the equivalent thereof, and philos (sp?) is the love you have for friends.

As for companionship . . . that’s something you need to define for yourself. People have different needs. Some of us need a kindred spirit or soul, others need someone they can look at and fall in love with all over again. Tastes differ:)

IMO, part of it is sex-driven and part of it is agape. You want to be with someone very badly but you can’t. That’s another aspect to it; wanting what you can’t have. Powerful stuff, love is.

She made a difference, I guess she had a way, of making every night seem as bright as day. Now I walk in shadows, never see the light, she must have lied cause she never said goodbye.

I don’t believe in love, never had, never will. It’s never worth the pain that you feel.