Lovecraft Country S1 [SPOILERS within]

Non-euclidean geometry.Cyclopean masonry.

I’ll shout Fhtagn! and run!

Batrachian eldritch!

Squamous and rugose.

A high-pitched trilling sound, wavering and unworldly

There’s a 1956 fire truck and a billboard featuring a '55 Nomad so, barring any deliberate anachronisms like with A Christmas Story, late '55 to late '56 is most likely.

The film crew has at least three of those.

I would club baby seals for one of those!

Pretty sure you’re thinking of stuff that comes later in the plot. Though I don’t have my copy handy and could be wrong. As I remember it, they’re sticking pretty closely to the book’s plot so far.
Spoiler: They have to rescue Montrose — and see more weird shit in Ardham —before the good guys’ secret society can be activated, which is what you’re remembering in terms of clandestine meetings, I think.

I checked out the ebook from the library, and will be reading up to the point of wherever the TV show is. They are doing a lot of tinkering around the edges on the plot, interchanging who does some things, and then making changes that I’m not sure what the purpose is.

So they add a guy getting a blow job in the alley, because HBO. And in the book, they tell Leticia she can’t go with them to the lodge, but she plays a different kind of role in their rescue (one with more agency, in my opinion). And the whole screaming match with her brother? Doesn’t happen. Also, you certainly don’t see what attacks from the woods early on.

Again, the overall direction is The same, just a lot of tinkering.

Show is staying strong and I love the music. Someone is doing a great job picking it out.

Well, they jumped right into an explanation of what those people were doing in Ardham, although it doesn’t look like that’s where the show is focusing its attention.

Agree about the music, though. The theme song from The Jeffersons was apt.

MICHAEL K WILLIAMS! I haven’t been following casting, so that caught me by surprise.

And what a fantastic (but sad) close, including Whitey on the Moon. Village of the damned girl was hinting that he would be able to do that, yes?

I just noticed that I posted in caps, and it worked. God bless you discord.

Me too. But $15/month seems a little extravagant when I have Netflix and Hulu already.

I’m listening if anyone wants to convince me that in addition to Lovecraft Country, a subscription to HBO is worth it because…(please fill in the blank for me).

I just finished the next section of the book. The number of deviations has increased, and the TV show has taken on a lot of drama that is not in the original text. some of the changes are significant.

I’d be happy to share more if people are interested, otherwise you might feel free to read the book on your own.

The music and the poetry are dope.

My only complaint is that I wish they used Nina Simone’s version of Sinnerman to close the show.

They threw a HUGE amount of stuff into that second episode. You could get whiplash trying to follow all the sudden shifts. As my daughter remarked, it looked as if they took about three episodes worth of material and stuffed it into one.

What bothered me is that they also seemed to be setting up that house as a major element in the story, and I expected a lot to unravel there. But by the end of the episode it’s like they got tired of that whole thing and were anxious to move on.

We’ve got a zillion questions. Who are the villagers? They look sorta Amish, except the woman with the dogs, who seems kinda Ozark. And the police feel very Southern, right down to the accents. In fact, nothing at all in this – the countryside, the dress, the accents – appears to indicate that this is supposed to be New England. We’re living up here in Massachusetts, and, unlike Lovecraft’s stories, which pretty much exude New England from every pore and carefully scripted accent, there’s nothing at all here that gives you the feeling that Ardham is anywhere near us.

It’s still interesting, though. I’ve been looking for all the oblique and tossaway references, from Algernon Blackwood to Clark Ashton Smith to Aleistair Crowley, and wondering what they’re going to drag in next.

I rewatched this just now. It struck me that Atticus had his magic ring on at the end, and was leaning forward to touch Uncle George. It would be a complete copout, but… :man_shrugging:

Yeah I’m hoping for some deus ex machina here. Courtney B Vance is just too good to cast away after a few episodes and I’m willing to overlook some nonsensical copout story telling if it means we get to keep him. Same goes for Jurnee Smollett and Michael K Williams.