"Lovesick Blues" - from what show?

The song “Lovesick Blues” (most famously done by Hank Williams) is said to be a show tune from 1922. I’m curious what the name of the show is, and any other info about it, such as how well did it do, any other songs from it, etc. Anyone know?

Here’s Wiki’s take. Apparently Irving Mills was quite a guy back in his day, though I’ve never heard of him till now.

The song was recorded by Hank Williams and was used as a title for a musical about Hank Williams, but I can’t find where the song was originally from a 1922’s musical. Here’s a link about the Williams musical.

“LOVESICK BLUES… Show tune from the musical Oooh Ernest! First published as I’ve Got The Love-sick Blues and introduced by vaudeville singer Anna Chandler.”

[Found here)

Thanks, pinkfreud. That’s what I was after.