Low carb sick foods

I’ve been trying to ease my way back into Atkins by making small changes each week and it was going pretty well until the start of the flu of death.

I’ve been sick for just over two weeks, and it’s become clear that my go to illness foods are not low carb friendly. Oatmeal, tea and toast, chicken noodle soup. Ack.

On top of everything else I’m still in the middle of rollout hell which means 60hr weeks + 15 hrs of commuting time per week so the last thing I’ve felt like is cooking.

So, I need low prep, low carb healthy food ideas.

This cream of chicken soup is my stand-by.

It takes a long time to make, but it makes TONS and freezes reasonably well. I freeze it in Mason jars. It tastes like heaven. Even my two-year-old gobbles it up.

Scrambled eggs or omelets.

Chicken soup with no noodles. Just veggies and chicken.

Scrambled eggs.

Sugar free gelatin or pudding.

Stop by the chinese takeaway place and get some egg drop soup. I’ve done the low carb thing for years and if I am sick, I still have chicken with rice soup if I’m desperate, but typically I make my hubby go out for the egg drop or hot and sour soup (and take out the solids). I will also second the scrambled eggs (although I will have some whole wheat toast with butter–it is worth a few carbs just to keep something down). Hope you feel better!

A few people have said scrambled eggs, and I would concur; soft-boiled eggs (or poached) too, if you like them.

Now, I will tell you how to make the ultimate scrambled eggs:
2 large eggs
Splash of milk or half and half
1-2 oz. cream cheese, cut into very small cubes
2tsp. butter
salt and pepper

The number one mistake people make with scrambled eggs is to try to go too fast, keep the heat too high; here’s how it should be done:
crack eggs into bowl
Add splash of milk
Melt butter in small pan over medium heat (no higher)
Beat eggs in bowl, add salt and pepper
Pour eggs into pan and add cubes of cream cheese
Stir constantly or darned close to it, until the eggs are almost done.
Take them off the heat before they’re thoroughly done, as they will continue to cook some from residual heat.

If you want to add some cheese, add shredded cheese about halfway through the cooking process.

This method will result in moist, creamy, delicious scrambled eggs every time. Never slimy, never overcooked. The cream cheese melts into the eggs, adding a creaminess and rich texture that is wonderful.

If you want an easy way to fortify a soup a bit: beat an egg (or more than one) in a pouring cup, and pour it slowly in the hot soup while gently stirring. It’ll give you tasty, slighly chewy eggy strings in your soup. I think I got that from some chinese ox-tail soup recipe, but it works just very well for other soups.

EDIT: do this at the very end of the cooking time.

This is awesome guys thanks. I sent hubby to the store with a grocery list so I’m well stocked on eggs and cheese with a couple of grocery store rotisserie chickens for good measure.

It’s funny when reading this - I have been eating most of these things but of course you only remember the things you shouldn’t have been eating.

I am dying to try that cream of chicken soup recipe. As soon as I’m bug free I’ll be restocking the freezer and that is on my list!

Honestly, if you’re not diabetic, I say just eat the regular comfort foods until you get better. It’s the flu – it sucks mightily when you have it, so be gentle with yourself, and know that soon you will be well again and can re-arrange your diet at your leisure.

Because, if you’re like me, it will blow everything you worked for and might likely send me on a binge or forty.

As long as you’re not going TOO low in carbs there are some breads out there. I think the one I get is called Healthy Life. It’s a few carbs per slice if you take off for fiber. Make what soothes you with that. I crave cheese toast when I’m sick so I sacrifice a few green carbs that wouldn’t sound appealing anyway. Chicken soup with egg. I like thick chicken soup over lightly scrambled eggs when I’m sick.

This is good. On Nigella Express one night, she said to start the eggs in a COLD pan. I tried this and it works great. And as this recipe says, take the eggs off the heat before they look “done.” You’ll get that creamy texture that is impossible when you start on high heat.

Well, I warm up the pan so I can cook them in melted butter, and I’m not serious enough about my scrambled eggs to dirty a whole other pot/pan for that! :wink:

But truly, if you pour your eggs in the pan and they start to cook immediately, your heat is too high!

Yeah, I think this is the important part.