How to make eggs taste not eggy?

Eggs are just about the perfect food - extremely well rounded nutritionally, versatile, and cheap.

Unfortunately, I don’t like them. I don’t like the taste, texture, or smell. I don’t hate them to the point of being revolted, but I have to sort of not think about it and force them down.

Mostly I eat scrambled eggs or omelettes since that seems to be the least distincitvely eggy to me, and you can overpower the egg with other ingredients. When I make eggs, I typically scramble them, melt a ton of cheese into them, fry them with onions and peppers in butter, add salt, pepper, and paprika, wrap them up in a tortilla, and drench them in tobasco style hot sauce or sometimes ketchup - can’t use much ketchup though for dietary reasons. This is about the best I can do with them.

But I know I’ve had scrambled eggs or omelettes at restaurants before that taste less eggy - so is there some technique in the cooking that tends to mask the eggy taste?

What sort of ways of cooking or condiments can I try to eat the least eggy eggs? Preferably compatable with low carb, but I’d be willing to stray a bit if it made eggs good.

Well, I’m the wrong person to ask. I like my foods to taste like the food they are. I like my eggs to taste eggy, my chicken to taste chickeny, my brussels sprouts to taste brussels sprouty… But eggs are such a foundation in so much cooking, due to their proteiny springyness, I don’t know, maybe makeTom and Jerrys?

The reason why restaurant eggs might taste weak is because they’re using powdered egg for the scrambled egg.

For a big buffet line pan of them, yes. For an individual off-the-menu order, no.

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You’re already doing what I would suggest, which is to mix them up with a lot of other ingredients and overpower the flavor with sauces and seasonings. I mean, if you just don’t like eggs, “disguise them with other flavors” is about the only advice there is.

Dude. I wasn’t mocking you.


I thought maybe there was a technique to it. I’ve had scrambled eggs and omelettes that have tasted very eggy, and some that tasted more neutral, and I thought maybe there was some technique to it… like when you add the salt, or the heat you used to cook them on, or how long.

There are also ways of cooking eggs maybe I haven’t tried.

What about a quiche? You can make a crustless one pretty easily, and that’s very low-carb. I should have probably thought of that before; quiche is a breakfast staple for me, when I bother to actually make one. You just make it up and then stick it in the fridge and then eat a slice in the morning, either heated or cold.

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I may have overreacted, but the only humor in it derives from ignorance, and after having to deal with it for years it’s pretty tiresome.

Have you ever made custard? It’s pretty good, even for those who don’t like eggs. It’s basically just, sugar, eggs, milk and vanilla. You can even make it in a rice cooker, though you have to get the timing just right in one of those

Yeah, a quiche is a good way to go. It has a much denser texture than fluffy scrambled eggs too. I’m wondering if you’re having some kind of a flavor reaction that may have something to do with how “wet” or “dry” your scrambled eggs are. i wonder if that textural difference can impact flavor perception (or if in fact the flavor of the eggs is actually altered slightly by how long they are cooked).

I second crustless quiche or a frittata. Once you add all the goodies, you can barely tell there are eggs in it. Italian egg drop soup is a good way to disguise eggs, too, if you’re into that kind of thing. In that, the eggs just don’t seem very eggy to me.