How to make eggs taste not eggy?

They may use a different type of grease and the grill is more seasoned, plus they cook more than just eggs on it at one time.

There is a French recipe called omelet aux fines herbes - omelet with finely (chopped) herbs. Use whatever herbs you like, and as many different kinds. Some suggestions are parsley, chives, thyme, chervil, tarragon, basil, rosemary, etc. Use one herb or two different, or six different - your choice.

The thing to remember is, the herbs need to be chopped very finely. Some chefs will say to chop them so fine that you cannot tell what herb it is without tasting. Although that rule doesn’t really apply to chives.

Mix the finely chopped herbs in a bowl with your eggs with a fork and slide in the pan and make an omelet. The herbs are the only ingredient, ie. there is no other filling. There are plenty of recipes online.

If you don’t like the taste of a fresh egg fried in butter with a runny yolk then maybe you don’t deserve eggs.
Are you sure you’re not cooking them for too long? Overcooked eggs taste pretty bad, and the fact you like professionally prepared eggs suggests that maybe you’re cooking them too hard.

I like eggs a lot but that sounds revolting to me.

Which part? That sounds like heaven.

Fried eggs aren’t my favorite thing in general, and runny yolks are right out. I like my eggs in scrambled or omelet format usually. (Or quiche.)

I will occasionally make up soft-boiled eggs with mashed saltine crackers as a comfort food thing from my childhood, but otherwise, no runny yolks!

Actually, as far as I know, the “fines” in “fines herbes” refers to a particular subset of Mediterranean herbs that are usually used with short cooking times, for their delicateness and “greenness.” “Fine” means “delicate” in French. Rosemary and thyme are not usually classified as fines herbes, to my knowledge. A cite.

Ah, to me, the whole joy of an egg is the unctuous, runny yolk. No runny yolk = :frowning: for me.

With truffle buttered toast to mop it up with.

Not the healthiest option, but I like Biscuit gravy all over eggs.

The only way I like scrambled eggs is with chili.

If you don’t like them in butter try olive oil instead.

A technique I learned when I lived in Barcelona: Crack the egg in a shallow bowl, or plate. Use a fork to carefully run it through the white part only, to break it up. Run the fork through the white (only the white!) over and over until it the white well “broken.” Do not break the yolk.

Meanwhile on a rather high setting heat a pan with at least 1/4 inch of olive oil (ev of course) until it is quite hot. Slide your egg in the oil and the broken white will sizzle and pop and in a minute or two will crust up around the edges, and the yolk cooks just right. Slide it on a plate and enjoy with bread to mop up the evoo.

Have you tried an omelet? Not a scrambled egg with things mixed in, but an actual omelet? It will be a thin egg wrapping cheese or vegetables or whatever you want. Quick recipe:

  1. Prepare your fillings.
  2. Heat the pan.
  3. Break the egg into a bowl and beat it. Add things like hot sauce, pesto, spices.
  4. Put a little butter in the pan. It should sizzle.
  5. When the foam subsides, pour in the egg mixture.
  6. Stir the egg mixture while moving the pan back and forth of the burner until the eggs have set. Lift up the edges so it doesn’t stick.
  7. Walk away.
  8. As the top starts to harden, add your fillings. Let cook a little longer.
  9. When the egg seems done, lift up about a third of the egg and fold it over the rest.
  10. Pick up the pan, holding the handle with your pinky nearest the egg and gently slide the omelet onto a plate. Flip it (or use a spatula) so the omelet is folded into thirds (like a piece of paper folded into an envelope with a C-fold.
  11. Enjoy.

The process gives the egg an almost “bready” texture on the outside, while the inside includes the flavor.

Have you tried using just the whites? Not my cup of tea (I love eggs), but maybe it’s the yolk that you dislike.

In fact, based on the posts in this thread, it looks like you do have trouble with yolks.

Maybe a souffle? It’s a bit more involved than an omelet but it may be less eggy.

Here’s a recipe.

Not sure if those bread cubes are necessary, though.

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Don’t put any egg in it?
Just kidding… try some “fresh” french tarragon in your egg dishes… perfumy but in awesome way.

is it possible the freshness or source of the eggs could be playing a role?

Have you tried cream cheese in your scrambled egg? It makes them fluffier and I think mellows the flavor a little. I’ve only tried it a couple times myself but I’ve seen it recommended here before.

ETA: I think you need your cream cheese to be room temp and add it in right away, at least one of the times I tried it I put it in too late and it was too cold so stayed pretty much in small cream cheese lumps, not really that tasty. You want it to melt into the eggs.

But maybe a little bubbly caramelized white around the edges? It take abilities beyond mine to pull that off consistently without going for over easy.