Low Cost Cell Phone Plan in NYC?

Someone i know wants a low cost cell phone plan and doesn’t want it to be a smartphone and want it to be one of those dumb phones. Does anyone know what is the lowest cost plan for these? I heard you could get one for 30/month for unlimited calling. Is this true and if so, i assume this is the lowest plan? I know there are prepaid plans such as $100 for 1000 prepaid minutes and they expire in 1 year but what about monthly plans?

I assume this is a different question than one of your existing threads about cell phone plans? The most recent one is here, although there are multiple earlier ones.

If you don’t plan to used the phone much, the cheapest I have found is Tracfone. It is pre-paid, no contract, and works pretty well. If you actually use it much, it is fairly expensive. It really is for folks who don’t talk / text a lot.

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