low grade excercise routine

In the spirit of living a more healty lifestyle I have begun to do a few things to get more excercise. Mostly taking opportunities to do a little stairstepping on the 8" high raised brickwork in front of the fireplace while watching TV with a few other basic crunches and such thrown in here and there.

No set pattern or plan, just watch the clock and do 3 min of stairs or something if something on TV catches my eye.

So how effective is something like this overall as an excercise program especially when it is easily turning into 30 min a day as 5 min here and there.

What you are doing shows interest in improving your condition.

I thought that one of the objectives of an exercise program was to get the heart rate up for a period of time.
Perhaps you need an exercise guru to lay out a routine to exercise the muscles groups AND your heart.

Possibly one will come by shortly with some details for you.