Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs

If you are have a low paying job, are unemployed, are disabled, or are elderly, you may qualify for help with heat in the winter. You can find your state’s information here:

Contact info for state heat assistance programs: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ocs/liheap/grantees/states.html

or here:


Also, if you are having trouble paying your energy bills in the winter, you might want to check out your local winter disconnect rules: http://liheap.ncat.org/Disconnect/disconnect.htm

That’s good info, but one thing to remember these programs take time to get into, IF you are eligible, so don’t wait at all if you think you’ll need help.

Apply ASAP so you’ll get assistace when it’s most needed, it’s getting cold

I used to work with this program (even started a Pit thread about it once) and it’s freakin’ brilliant, particularly for elderly people on fixed incomes. It seems that they run out of money every year so, please, check the eligibility guidelines for your area and apply if you are (or an older family member may be) eligible.

My aunt did this in Cleveland and boy was it great. They insulated her home and installed a new furnace, so that her energy bills would be cheaper - and they pay the gas bill (or most of it) anyway. Brilliant!

Lots of people you wouldn’t expect are applying for this - and January is a good time - most places are taking walk in appointments now. Call ahead and find out what documents you need first. Some day those who are applying now can give back to those who need it. And you do not have to be elderly or disabled - they get to apply first and there are always funds left over. I had no idea some places got people new furnaces and insulation - but I think it is great your aunt got those things.

It isn’t just states that have programs - a common private charity is the Woodyard Fund (obviously from when they’d, you know, have a woodyard) that pays heating bills for the needy. We have one locally and I’ve noticed it in other cities’ newspapers as well.