Luanne: Tiffany's Moment of Glory

Is this a little bit of redemption for our favorite enemy? I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I’ve come to like Luanne lately; first the Brad-Toni thing, and now this. :smiley:

It comes close to redeeming the scheme to cheat the firefighters she and JT had going a couple years ago. Although it does bring in the whole “really creepy inappropriate age-related romance” thing…all those girls are, at best, 16.

The soldier might be 18-19. :frowning: Do we know how old the girls “really” are at this point? This artificially-slowed aging has me confused.

I’m just impressed that she’s not going “ew!” over him being an amputee and thus not physically “perfect.”

It’s really hard to say. If it weren’t for the character development that Brad’s been having the past few years (from being a post-high-school loser schlub to being an active-duty firefighter), I’d be assuming the strip was in typical newspaper comic freeze-time, and they were all perpetual sophomores or juniors.